Requests to visitors regarding COVID-19 infection prevention (as of June 19)



Requests to visitors regarding COVID-19 infection prevention (as of June 19)


Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.


The following is our requests to visitors and measures regarding infection prevention for our events on and after July 20, 2020.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on the safety of our events.


* Please read before purchasing a ticket.

* Depending on the state of world affairs, scheduled events may be canceled or postponed. In addition, the following details may be added or changed depending on the status of the pandemic and/or requests from the government and local governments. Thank you for your understanding.


■Admission will not be allowed if the following applies within two weeks prior to the event.

– A fever of 37.5℃.

– Cold symptoms such as cough, sore throat, sneeze, etc.

– Sense of fatigue and/or shortness of breath.

– Smell and taste abnormality.

–Sluggishness or fatigue.

– Coming into contact with a person who infected with COVID-19.

– Having a family member or someone who in a close relationship who is potentially infected.

– Anyone coming from countries or regions under immigration restrictions by order of the Japanese or that requires a period of observation in past 14 days, or anyone that has had physical contact with residents of those areas.

* Those in at risk groups (the elderly, pregnant women or with underlying conditions), should take due care and make careful decisions on attendance.


  • Visitors who are unable to cooperate with our operation according to Policies & Countermeasures regarding COVID 19 for wrestling events (first edition) will be denied entry to the venue.


  • If a COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application or tracking system has been introduced to prevent the spread of infection by Japanese government or local government, please use the app or system.


  • To keep social distance, there are spaces between all seats to keep social distance. If you buy neighboring tickets, the ticket numbers will not follow one another, or there might be a wide interval between the seats. Please only sit in the seat designated on your ticket.


<Requests to visitors>

  • Please wear a mask that completely covers your mouth and nose.
  • Please wash and disinfect your hands, and gargle frequently.
  • When coughing or sneezing, please cover your mouth with a mask, handkerchief, tissue or using the inside or sleeve of your jacket (‘cough etiquette’).
  • Please fill in the following information (1. name 2. address 3. telephone number 4. e-mail address) in advance on the back of the ticket stub (the right part to be cut at the time of entry). The collected personal information will be used to track the route of COVID-19 infection in an event and will not be used for any other purpose other than providing it to public institutions such as health care centers, as necessary.
  • Please keep social distance from other customers when lining up for entrance, etc.
  • No loud cheers.
  • Intentional approach or physical contact to wrestlers (high five, body contact, handshake, etc.) is not allowed during a match or when a wrestler is walking on an entrance ramp.
  • Waiting for wrestlers arriving/coming out and/or approaching and touching wrestlers in the venue, hotel, public transportation, etc. is not allowed. Please refrain from requesting photography, autographs, handshakes, etc.
  • Please refrain from giving gifts, fan letters, etc. to wrestlers. We will also decline to receive the gifts and letters on behalf of wrestlers.
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking in the venue as much as possible except for necessary hydration. Also, please refrain from conversation while unmasked.
  • On the event day, please refrain from interacting with other visitors, such as close-range conversations or group photography, and keep physical contact to a minimum.
  • Display of banners is prohibited
  • If you feel sick after entering the venue, please let event staff know as soon as possible. (The staff may ask you to leave the venue)
  • Please refrain from travelling long distances to attend events. If traveling across prefectures, please carefully consider visiting in accordance with local government guidelines.
  • If COVID-19 symptoms present themselves within two weeks after an event, please promptly report this information to NJPW.
  • We will ask visitors to record the information such as their visiting dates and times and seat numbers, or to keep ticket stubs for a while.
  • In addition, please follow our measures and instruction for infection control and always be conscious of preventing infection.
  • We will ask visitors to cooperate with an interview survey from the health care centers when a case of infection has been discovered in the event. In addition, those who had a close contact with the infector, we may ask them to stay home for approximately 14 days.


<Infection prevention measures in the venue>

  • Thermographic checks will be conducted at the entrance. Depending on the result, we will take  body temperature again and ask about their physical condition. If temperature is 37.5℃ or higher, we may refuse admission.
  • When you enter the venue, please tear your ticket stub yourself. Please note that tickets that are already cut before admission will be invalid.
  • Please disinfect your hands and fingers with alcohol when you enter the venue. Hand sanitizers will be set in various places of the venue. (If you are allergic to alcohol, please let NJPW’s staff know when entering the venue)
  • To widen an interval between seats, the number of seats will be reduced to less than half of usual numbers for the time being. The number of seats would varies depending on the venue, region, and date of the event.
  • The entire venue will be disinfected before gate time and after an event.
  • We will use air conditioning and open doors to ventilate the venue as much as possible.
  • Special entrance or leaving regulations may apply.
  • Flyers will not be distributed by hand in the venue.
  • To prevent infection, NJPW staff will also wear masks, and face covers and gloves if necessary. In addition, we will thoroughly conduct temperature testing, frequent hand washing, gargling, hand disinfection, and cough etiquette.



  • event-day tickets may not be on sale. When lining up to purchase event-day tickets, please keep social distance from the other customers.
  • Food and beverage shops in the venue may be closed.
  • Smoking areas in the venue will be shut down or not set.
  • We will announce if merchandise booths will be in the venue as soon as the decision is made.

June 16, 2020

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co.,Ltd.