The Social Round-Up: End of Summer Edition


August has turned to September; summer, and Summer Struggle is officially behind us. A sad end, but as Kota Ibushi reminds us as we get our roundup underway, ‘Summer’s over. Something new will start’.

The same goes for Ibushi’s tag partnership with Hiroshi Tanahashi. While Golden☆Ace remain on the best of terms, the impending arrival of G1 Climax 30, and failure to capture tag gold in Jingu stadium has meant that the two are taking their separate paths for now. Except when it comes to dietary advice. New champion Taichi was quick to try and force Tanahashi off the diet wagon, but Ibushi ensured wheels were securely affixed.

‘Man, this ramen is good. Fancy some? I’m the champ, my treat. Don’t hold back, I’m a generous guy! You won’t be strong enough to win if you’re so skinny’.

‘I won’t, but Tanahashi might, so stop it!’

Tanahashi has retained his self discipline, thankfully. His dinner of half a dozen eggs, bean sprouts and two packs of natto might not appeal to everyone, but 40grams of protein got Ibushi’s approval.

The enduring image after Summer Struggle in Jingu this weekend was that of Tetsuya Naito with arm raised under spectacular fireworks: 

But that isn’t to say the night went perfectly for Los Ingobernables De Japon, with Shingo Takagi reacting to his NEVER title loss to Minoru Suzuki with ‘I didn’t have enough will to hold onto this. I’ve nothing but regreat. But there’s no way I’m letting it end like this.’


And Taiji Ishimori getting a flood BULLET CLUB support in taking Hiromu Takahashi’s IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship:


But in light of Roppongi 3K vacating the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships, focus must now shift to those titles, and a four team league in the coming week to determine new champions. Former singles junior champion Hiromu immediately leapt to the task along with BUSHI, stating ‘we’re coming for those tag belts’:

and El Desperado gleefully picked up the bait.

When it comes to wrestling you, I’d be happy with 15 minutes in the Dojo or fighting forever. Whenever, wherever is fine with me. But me and ‘Nobu, we take pride in this tag team stuff, so there is no way anybody other than us is winning on the next tour.’


We’ll find out starting this Saturday on NJPW World!