Tokon Shop Presents: Katsuyori Shibata Online Meet & Greet on November 9

The Wrestler, Katsuyori Shibata is taking to YouTube live on November 9 at 19:00 PT in another amazing live-stream meet & greet presented by Tokon Shop Global!

Simply purchase an autographed Katsuyori Shibata T-shirt and you can leave Shibata-san a personal message. Whether you want to show your support or ask him a question Shibata-san will be happy to oblige!

Join the live stream on November 9 and Shibata-san will read out your message, answer any questions and sign your shirt. Don’t forget to stick around and socialize with your fellow fans in the live stream chat.

Buy the shirt here! (Link active October 28)



Event information:
Host media: YouTube Live (New Japan Pro-Wrestling English YouTube site)
Date and time: Thursday, November 9, 2020 7:00 PM: Los Angeles time
(10:00 PM: NY time / November 10, 12:00 PM: Japan time)

Day & Time:November 9 (Mon) 19:00~ (PT)
Participants:Katsuyori Shibata, Clark Connors, Translator, Moderator
Location:New Japan Pro-Wrestling English YouTube Channel

【How to participate】
Starting Wednesday October 28, we will be selling Autographed Katsuyori Shibata T-shirts on 
Tokon Shop Global. The sale will finish after the event has concluded or when the maximum
number of fans is reached, whichever is first. Leave a message or question in the notes section
when purchasing to have it read out live on stream.

<Please Note>

  • This event is planned to last for 60 mins, but will only end when all purchased T-shirts
    have been signed.
    · We reserve the right to moderate any messages to Shibata-san should the content be unsuitable.
  • You can use YouTube’s Super-chat function to submit questions during the stream. Shibata-san will give priority to questions asked via Super-chat.




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