Suzuki-Gun on top struggle for tag title power

El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru successfully retain IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships


The Road to Power Struggle returned to Korakuen Hall on Sunday November 1 with Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI challenging IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championships in the main event. 

The match started at top speed, with Hiromu and Desperado tearing into one another with forearms before heading outside, both champions tasting ringside guardrails before the LIJ duo took control of Desperado in-ring. Hiromu had both his opponents in hand, misdirecting Kanemaru into a headscissors on his own tag partner, but confidence go the better of him, and a running dropkick off the apron only saw the Time Bomb splat on the ringside mats. 

Takahashi wasn’t able to get out of the Suzuki-Gun corner until he finally caught a Desperado kick into a Dragon Screw. BUSHI was brought in, and smooth and effective offense followed, with a diving headscissors out to the floor finding its mark for the Jet Black Deathmask at the ten minute mark. The champions responded with offense to BUSHI’s knee, but a DDT to Kanemaru brought Hiromu back in. 

As momentum built for LIJ, the challengers attempted the LAT, but were stopped, with a sidewalk slam and dropkick connecting for the champions before Kanemaru connected with a British Fall to Hiromu. A Moonsault connected with perfect accuracy for the Heel Master, only getting two, but at the 15 minute mark, a Deep Impact attempt was met with Takahashi’s superkicking boot. 

Kanemaru responded with a Satellite DDT and landed Deep Impact for a certain three, but BUSHI made the save. A Brainbuster Bomb connected for the challengers, but LAT did not, Desperado breaking the move up but eating a Tope Suicida for his trouble. As the match broke down, Hiromu stayed up with a superkick to Kanemaru and the Victory Royal garnering a two count, but Kanemaru managed to get some distance with the Touch Out. 

BUSHI and Desperado rejoined the fray, Desperado gaining the upper hand, and a two count with Guitarra Del Angel. BUSHI rallied however, hitting a spectacular springboard Frankensteiner and Canadian Destroyer, again only getting a two from the referee as both teams refused to lose. BUSHI looked to follow up with MX, but Desperado saw the referee out the corner of his eye, shoving Red Shoes Unno into the path of the move and connecting with a closed right fist. 

As the match passed the 25 minute mark, all five men involved in the match including the official was laid out. Desperado stirred and took the junior tag belt from ringside, and looked for a shot to BUSHI; though stopped by second official Marty Asami, Desperado was able to trap BUSHI in Numero Dos until Hiromu made the barest of saves. LAT followed, but this time Kanemaru rescued his tag partner; BUSHI went for MX again to follow, but a low blow out of midair by Desdperado led to Pinche Loco for the win.