Cards revealed for Best of the Super Jr. 27!

All cards revealed for the BoSJ half of the dual tournament tour starting November 15

The full cards have been revealed for the Best of the Super Jr. tour which gets underway on November 15. All ten events in the series will see can’t miss matchups and they’re outlined below!


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November 15, Aichi

Two huge rematches from Summer Struggle in Jingu as Hiromu Takahashi faces Taiji Ishimori and Master Wato meets Yoshinobu Kanemaru! Plus, Eagles vs DOUKI, SHO vs BUSHI and Desperado vs Taguchi!


November 18, Korakuen

Hungry for revenge fromNovember 2’s tag championship match, BUSHI meets Yoshinobu Kanemaru, and it’s battle of the Sendai Sailor Boys as Ryusuke Taguchi faces Taiji Ishimori! Plus, Hiromu vs Desperado, SHO vs DOUKI and Eagles vs Wato!


November 20, Korakuen

A night of factional civil war! Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs El Desperado! BUSHI vs Hiromu Takahashi! SHO vs Robbie Eagles! Master Wato vs Ryusuke Taguchi! Plus, DOUKI takes on Ishimori!


November 23, Gunma

A years long rivalry continues when Taiji Ishimori meets Yoshinobu Kanemaru! Coach Ryusuke Taguchi meets SHO! Plus Hiromu vs DOUKI, Eagles vs BUSHI and Wato vs Desperado!


November 25, Niigata

Former tag partners collide as Taiji Ishimori faces Robbie Eagles! Master Wato takes on DOUKI! Plus, Hiromu vs Kanemaru, SHO vs Desperado and Taguchi vs BUSHI!


November 29, Korakuen

A first time singles encounter as Robbie Eagles takes on Hiromu Takahashi! Master Wato meets SHO! Plus, Desperado vs DOUKI, BUSHI vs Ishimori and Taguchi vs Kanemaru!


December 2, Osaka

Two master rule breakers collide when Taiji Ishimori takes on El Desperado! SHO faces Hiromu! Plus, Kanemaru vs DOUKI, Wato vs BUSHI and Taguchi vs Eagles!


December 5, Kagoshima

The Grand Master meets the champ when Master Wato faces Taiji Ishimori! Ryusuke Taguchi battles Hiromu Takahashi! Plus, SHO vs Kanemaru, Eagles vs Desperado and BUSHI vs DOUKI!


December 6, Fukuoka

In the last league battles of the tournament, SHO takes on Taiji Ishimori! Master Wato faces Hiromu Takahashi! Plus, BUSHI vs Desperado, Eagles vs Kanemaru and Taguchi vs DOUKI!


After all is said and done, it all comes down to the final night on December 11 in the Nippon Budokan where the top two points scorers in the league will do battle to determine the Best of the Super Junior 27!