KENTA retains IWGP US Briefcase at Power Struggle

KENTA submits Hiroshi Tanahashi to remain number one contender

In a dramatic encounter at Power Struggle, KENTA forced Hiroshi Tanahashi to a verbal submission in order to retain his IWGP US Heavyweight Right to Challenge Contract. After KENTA initially punished Tanahashi’s flash with a kick and some air bass to counter Tanahashi’s guitar, the Ace fought back with a plancha to KENTA, forcing the BULLET CLUB member to the floor where he found the briefcase to batter Tanahashi over the head with. 

That was the opening for some trademark heavy strikes, and hard hits were the order of the day for the case holder as he landed his tornado Stungun and a Green Killer to the Ace. Tanahashi was able to respond with signature offense of his own however, and Twist and Shouts and Slingblades would be followed with the Texas Cloverleaf. 

KENTA would counter the Cloverleaf into Game Over on more than one occasion, and with Tanahashi’s  core strength compromised with a huge double stomp earlier in the match from KENTA, there wasn’t enough for the Ace to keep the hold in. One more counter into Game Over, and KENTA wrenched hard to force Tanahashi’s neck backward and draw a verbal submission from Tanahashi. Now KENTA is in control of the red case, but finds himself a target on both sides of the Pacific.