G1 Briefcase changes hands for the first time at Power Struggle

Jay White defeats Kota Ibushi in controversial form 

A shock befell Osaka’s EDION arena on November 7 as for the very first time the winner of the G1 Climax, Kota Ibushi, lost his right to challenge briefcase for the Tokyo Dome, to Switchblade Jay White. 

White, having experienced victory over Ibushi twice this year already, maintained an effective gameplan throughout his match with Ibushi, using vicious suplexes in the main to punish Ibushi’s mid section and neck. Taking Ibushi’s breath away from the G1 winner, White was able to press his advantage with a brutal German suplex and Uranage. 

Ibushi for his part though found some hard hitting answers to White’s offense. As the Switchblade lected to focus on the midsection rather than the legs of the Golden Star, Ibushi was able to land some powerful kicks to White, and dropped him hard on his head with the Hitodenashi Driver for two. 

Digging down deep, Ibushi landed a Boma Ye and a pump knee to White that seemed to open the door for Kamigoye, but White refused to take the finishing blow. Countering Ibushi into a backslide near the ropes, White put both feet on the top rope to add leverage that Ibushi could not possibly overcome, and the three count was made. 

Backstage post match, Ibushi couldn’t believe that the result was rendered, and on apparently watching back the footage, was angered enough to appear during and after the main event to run off the Switchblade, but the fact remains that Jay White is still the briefcase holder, and apparently seeks to face Naito on January 5 2021.