Cut Throat Kingdom: Jay White makes challenge for Jan.5 【WK15】

Jay White demands match with Tetsuya Naito on January 5 at night two of Wrestle Kingdom

The first press conference for Wrestle Kingdom 15 took place on November 8 in Tokyo, as Jay White spoke to the media after winning the double IWGP right to challenge briefcase last night at Power Struggle. 

White recounted the long journey that took him to this point, through being put ‘to the back of the line behind Chris Jericho’ and two G1 Climaxes before finally claiming the right to challenge in Osaka. White would state that ‘now I have the briefcase, I have the power and nobody can deny me what I want’.

White’s demands included a new contract in English with his name on it, and a new briefcase, but with the key detail being that he would take January 4 off, and only wrestle Tetsuya Naito on January 5 for both IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight Championships. Asserting that he made history by being the very first person to take the G1 winner’s briefcase, he restated to Tetsuya Naito that he and Naito’s ‘destino’ were one and the same and that they would meet on night two of Wrestle Kingdom 15.  

Questions from the press

–Ibushi claimed that the finish from Power Struggle was not legal and that he hasn’t given up his rights. Your thoughts?

White: Of course he’s going to be upset about it, he lost. He won the G1 and then he lost that case. Of course he’s upset. But there was nothing illegal. If the referee counted to three, maybe there’s an issue with the referee, take it up with (Marty) Asami, but I’m the winner. 

–You have said that you wanted to face EVIL at the Tokyo Dome, but EVIL lost at Power Struggle to Naito. Your thoughts on the result?

White: I was more intrigued to see if our fates were aligned rather than that I ‘wanted’ to face him. It seemed like there was some animosity between us, so if he held up his part, then that would have happened. But even with me trying to help him, he couldn’t get it done. So I guess we won’t ever find out. I did my part by taking the briefcase. It could have worked out. We could have had an all BULLET CLUB main event, but he couldn’t do it. I don’t know what EVIL’s going to do, but I know what I’m going to do.