Way to the BoSJ: Master Wato’s public workout!

Master Wato gtets last minute tips from Hiroyoshi Tenzan

Friday in Tokyo, Master Wato got in some last minute training for Best of the Super Jr. 27, and invited press in for a look as he and mentor Hiyoshi Tenzan practiced two of Tenzan’s famous moves: the Tenzan Tombstone Driver and the Anaconda Vice. 

Wato attempted the TTD first. As Wato followed instructions on how to correctly grip his opponent for the hold, with Gabriel Kidd assisting as a sparring partner, Tenzan suggested he try and execute the move in full. Although a crashmat was prepared for the move, Kidd nonetheless was reeling from the heavy damage the TTD deals, and Tenzan encouraged the young Kidd to rest up. 

Wato though, requested he be taught the Anaconda Vice as a submission option however, and Kidd was dragged back from a resting position to be a training dummy for Wato once more. Instructed to take wrist control and then clasp around the back of the neck, Wato was able to fully lock in the hold on Kidd; will he be using both moves starting Sunday in Aichi however?

After the session, Wato gave his insight into the session. ‘I have a lot of kicks,’ he explained, ‘and it would make sense to target the head for a knockout blow. Thinking of a move that would help me with that, Tenzan’s TTD came to mind. Tenzan, for his part, praised Wato’s efforts saying ‘he certainly hasd the strength to pull it off. If he practices it another ten, hundred times, he should be able to do it in the ring no problem. It doesn’t have to be called the TTD though; he can come up with his own name.’ 

It wasn’t just execution, but timing that Tenzan advised his young charge on. As Wato said ‘I have a lot of moves I want to use during the BoSJ, and if I can use one of these from today to win that would be great’, Tenzan rebuked Wato somewhat stating ‘I want you to try whatever you can and then if it comes to it, dig (the TTD or Vice) out. There’s no use in you just mimicking me, you have to put your own spin on it, too. I don’t want you using these moves if it’s going to suck, you have to do it right!’

Wato went on to explain that ‘this tour is really important to me. I have a lot at stake here and I wanted Tenzan to give me some tips and moves that might help me pick up the win.’ In response Tenzan remarked ‘he’s often asked me to teahc him some mvoes, and now he’s gotten into the BoSJ. I have no problem with him taking something of mine and making it his. I want him to take what I’ve taught him and win this whole thing on his first try!’. Wato promised that this would be the case, and that with his win he’ll go on to challenge IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori. Will that be the case? We’ll find out live and on demand with NJPW World!