Jeff Cobb is ‘X’! Cobb joins The Empire!

Cobb to team with Great-O-Khan in The Empire

The first night of World Tag League 2020 action saw a huge shock as Jeff Cobb was revealed as Great-O-Khan’s mystery partner in the league and the latest member of The Empire. 

Cobb joined an even more imposing Great-O-Khan with new ring gear to take on a tough team in their own right in Hiroshi Tanahashi and the returning Toa Henare, but Cobb immediately set to work. The match was chaotic from the outset as Cobb and O-Khan attacked the HenarACE side, Henare bringing eight months of pent up aggression as the referee couldn’t gain control of the match. O-Khan quickly took care of Tanahashi with the Eliminator, and assisted Cobb with a Tour of the Islands for a quick victory. 

Post match Cobb and O-Khan continued a vicious assault, with Henare laid out before O-Khan stretched at the kneecap of Tanahashi. Cobb prevented any assist from ringside attendants as O-Khan brought a steel chair across the knee of a hobbled Ace. There were no answers backstage from the former Olympian for his shocking move, but the confident O-Khan was more verbose, running down Tanahashi. ‘You have a lot of respect here,’ O-Khan remarked ‘but of late, you’ve done nothing but lose, get hurt and get put on the shelf. In that case I’ll put you on the shelf for good’. What next for The Empire? We’ll find out as World Tag League continues!