Best of the Super Jr. 27 update: night 6

   top league after sixth night in Korakuen Hall.

Best of the Super Jr. 27 returned to Korakuen Hall on Sunday November 29, with Taiji Ishimori and Hiromu Takahashi ending the night at the top of the table with 10 points, while DOUKI and Yuya Uemura remained last at zero. 


Ryusuke Taguchi and Yuya Uemura was the night’s first tournament match, Uemura already out of the running but looking to do what he could against the Coach. The Young Lion did well to control Taguchi on the mat in the early stages; Taguchi showed how things were really done with an attempt at Oh My and Garankle, but a follow-up B Trigger was stopped by an Uemura dropkick. 

Threatening an upset, Uemura countered Taguchi’s ankle hold into one of his own before transitioning into a Boston Crab. Taguchi made the ropes, and connected with Three Amigos, but an attempt at the Bummer Ye was met with a roll-up counter; Uemura remained in control of the match and got Taguchi’s arm straight for an arm bar, but Taguchi made the ropes. Uemura caught a hip attack into a German Suplex for two, but Taguchi was eventually able to secure the Oh My and Garankle for the submission. 

El Desperado and DOUKI headed into the ring both intending to show a true lucha libre style to Korakuen Hall, a style DOUKI had the upper hand in with a deep arm drag early. A frustrated Desperado went for a rougher style on the mat though, and bitter blows on the floor led to DOUKI striking Despe with his steel pipe; DOUKI retained control of the match until a Desperado suplex and Dragon Screws killed his momentum. 

The two masked men exchanged blows in center ring before a spinebuster from Desperado led to a Numero Dos, DOUKI screaming in pain. Desperado continued the assault on DOUKI’s knees, but Japones Del Mal jumped a low dropkick to lock in Italian Stretch #32 to gain the upper hand. Desperado blocked a Daybreak DDT attempt, but when both men found themselves on the apron, DOUKI landed a huge Monkey Flip off the apron to the floor and followed with the DOUKI Bomb. 

Daybreak followed for a two from DOUKI, but the follow up Suplex De La Luna proved elusive as it always has this tournament. Desperado rolled back into the Numero Dos, and DOUKI had no choice but to verbally submit. 

Master Wato and SHO stood off in the first match back from intermission. Both men looked for strong kicks early, with Wato scoring the first knockdown; SHO would sweep Wato on the apron though and land a big dropkick to send Wato to the floor and a punt down the line did severe damage to Wato’s left arm. SHO kept up the pressure, and looked for a double wrist lock on the blue haired young master, before Wato fought back with a Tornillo to the floor.

SHO kept Wato’s comeback brief, landing a spear in ring before going to work with heavy kicks; when Wato caught a blow, SHO took him to the mat with a cross arm breaker. Desperately needing time and distance, Wato created both with an enzuigiri and Recientemente, but RPP found nothing but mat.

SHO followed with heavyweight striking power to Wato, but the young master found his own effective head kick; SHO resisted the TTD, and landed a huge lariat and the Powerbreaker for two. The Shock Arrow followed to give SHO a valuable two points. 

BUSHI tried to get moving fast against Taiji Ishimori before the bell, but the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion was thinking fast, and met a tope suicida attempt with a kick from the floor. From there, Ishimori set to work on BUSHI’s shoulder, with a clear game plan for the Yes Lock. 

BUSHI finally managed to land a missile dropkick after being dominated for the opening seven minutes, and followed with the tope suicida he had wanted at minute zero. A block of a Codebreaker though and Ishimori trapped BUSHI in the Yes Lock, applying a shoulder breaker and then going back to the hold when BUSHI made the ropes. 

The struggling BUSHI had to go big or go home, and went big with a Frankensteiner as Ishimori was poised on the top rope. Following up, BUSHI was able to land his apron DDT to spike Ishimori on the wood and steel, and a Canadian Destroyer almost gave the match to the masked man. Still, Ishimori’s superhuman strength stopped the match going BUSHI’s way as he caught the MX into a Cipher Utaki to create distance. Ishimori looked for Bloody Cross, and blocked a counter into the BUSHI Roll by instead applying the Bone Lock; BUSHI tapped to send Ishimori clear at the top of the league table. 

The main event saw Robbie Eagles, in bad need of a win, taking on a Hiromu Takahashi in strong eight point form. Neither found the upper hand in the high speed early moments of the match, but a head scissors and a heel kick took Hiromu to the floor twice, and the lope con giro found its mark to follow. 

Hiromu went high impact in reply, landing an apron bomb to Eagles, and then sending him into the guardrails before landing a shotgun dropkick on the floor. Homing in on the neck Hiromu mocked Eagles as he landed forearms in a Camel Clutch. Eagles caught a flurry of springboard offense after blocking a second sunset flip bomb from Hiromu and though Hiromu would land a big apron dropkick, Eagles found an opening in the k nee of the Time Bomb.

When Hiromu blocked the Turbo Backpack, Eagles countered with an innovative reverse Dragon Screw variant and tried to go upstairs; a 450 could only find Takahashi’s knees however. Matching speed with the former IWGP Jr. champion, Eagles countered Hiromu’s sudden acceleration with a leg lariat at the 15 minute mark, but a charge of his own was met with an overhead belly to belly into the turnbuckle. 

Dynamite Plunger connected to give Hiromu a near fall, and the DVD in the corner was followed by a Time Bomb attempt, but Eagles rolled through for two and a half. Hiromu responded with a huge superkick to Robbie, jarring his hurt knee in the process, and the knee completely gave way when Hiromu went big with another sunset flip bomb attempt. 

Both men found themselves in a dangerous spot on the apron; after a tense struggle for control, Eagles with Turbo Backpack onto the apron and floor, from which Hiromu was almost counted out. As the match entered its last ten minutes, Eagles again went for the 450, but Hiromu found his feet; attempting to fight Eagles off the top, Eagles landed an Asai DDT from the top buckle. 

A 450 scored to the back of Hiromu, and a kick to the knee got Eagles the Ron Miller Special. Enduring furious pain, the Time Bomb grabbed the bottom rope, and the hobbled Hiromu did all he could to land a pair of lariats to bide time. Eagles gained momentum, but Hiromu managed to muscle his opponent into Victory Royal; Time Bomb II followed to get Hiromu to ten points.