NJPW STRONG Preview: White vs Fredericks 【NJoA】

Karl Fredericks gets a huge singles main event Friday



Karl Fredericks will face the biggest match in his young career this Friday night on NJPW STRONG as he goes head to head with Switchblade Jay White on NJPW World. Plus, Super J-Cup entrants will be in action ahead of the big event itself December 12!

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Main event: Karl Fredericks vs Jay White

The main event this week on STRONG sees the Alpha Wolf Karl Fredericks in a position to put his money where his nickname is against Switchblade Jay White. In last week’s elimination main event, it was Jay White, from behind and not the legal man at the time, throw Fredericks over the top rope to end his evening, and Fredericks is intent on revenge. 

Fredericks was the focal point of hype as soon as he joined the LA Dojo over two years ago, and many have suggested the world is his as soon as it opens up to him post pandemic. Yet he would have to wrest that world away from the hands of the Switchblade. Dominant on Friday nights, Jay White smoothly replicated his success in Japan to take his place in the main event of the Tokyo Dome on January 5 2021. White will take this as a tune up match against inexperienced opposition, but that is just the kind of mistake Fredericks will want the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion to make. Can the Alpha Wolf pick up what would be undisputedly the biggest win of his career? 

3rd Match: ACH vs Tama Tonga

ACH faces his own major test this week on NJPW STRONG as he takes on Tama Tonga one on one. Arguably the largest and strongest member of the Super J-Cup lineup this Saturday night, ACH faces heavyweight competition in the third match of the evening. Out of his wheelhouse? Perhaps, but the same can be said of Tonga, who takes a step away from tag team competition here to instead target his third singles win this year. 

2nd Match: Juice Robinson, David Finlay & Misterioso vs BULLET CLUB (Tanga Loa, Chase Owens & Hikuleo)

Tanga Loa is well used to teaming up with one brother in Tama Tonga, but tonight he leads the youngest of Haku’s wrestling progenies into the ring, Hikuleo, along with Chase Owens for this six man affair. Hikuleo relentless assault on anyone and everyone on Friday nights hit a speed bump last week when he was first eliminated in our ten man tag team main event; without five men to band together to throw him over the top rope, he’ll look to make a more direct and violent impact here on night one of Detonation. 

1st Match: Clark Connors & The DKC vs The Riegel Twins (Logan & Sterling Riegel)

The opening match of the night sees Clark Connors and the DKC continue their rivalry with the promising Riegel Twins. In recent weeks, DKC and Connors are 1-1 with the Riegels in tag competition, and 1-1 in singles contests as well. Tonight is the rubber match- which team of  impressive future prospects is the superior one?