Nobody Realer? G.o.D take World Tag League in the Budokan

Guerrillas of Destiny move to challenge Dangerous Tekkers in the Tokyo Dome

Watch the World Tag League/Best of the Super Jr. final on demand in English!

After an intense struggle in the Nippon Budokan on December 11, Guerrillas of Destiny defeated FinJuice to finally banish a long held curse and win the World tag League for the first time. 

After Jado hooked the heel of Juice Robinson in the early going, he found himself ejected by the official with the aid of Gabriel Kidd, Yota Tsuji and Yuya Uemura. Left as a two on two tag team match, G.o.D and FinJuice showed the deep bonds and teamwork that made them worthy of the top two seeds in the World Tag League tournament. 

A thrilling display neared its climax when a Super Powerbomb attempt was thwarted by FinJuice, who went to the classics, connecting with a Hart Attack and Power Plex to G.o.D. His charges in trouble, Jado would make his way back to ringside and call the plays, as the Guerrillas hit Magic Killer but still couldn’t get the match won. 

As the situation in ring broke down though, it was KENTA who shockingly appeared in the Budokan, striking Robinson over the head with his IWGP US briefcase, and giving Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa the upper hand. One year ago in the Budokan, Tonga had played a significant hand into bringing KENTA into BULLET CLUB, and G.o.D were instrumental in KENTA’s NEVER Openweight Championship reign in 2019. 

Favour repaid, and after scoring with the Super Powerbomb, G.o.D finally lifted World Tag League gold for the first time in their career. Now adding their WTL win to their six IWGP Tag Team Championship reigns, the Guerrillas will no doubt be targeting Dangerous Tekkers in the Tokyo Dome; we’ll have more on the situation as it develops.