Best of NJPW STRONG coming FREE this Christmas! 【NJoA】

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This December 25, a very special episode of NJPW STRONG will see us celebrate the very best matches and moments of 2020, as chosen by the wrestlers and broadcasters themselves!

This special episode will be a perfect introduction to anybody looking to check out NJPW STRONG on Friday nights. To that end, we’re excited to bring you this special episode FREE, as a Christmas gift to all our fans!

You’ll be able to enjoy Best of STRONG completely free on NJPW World, FITE and on YouTube, where you’ll be able to directly interact with special guests, including Rocky Romero, in the live chat! However you watch, we hope you enjoy the best hour of pure professional wrestling of the week, and we hope you share your picks for the best matches of the year!

In fact, we’ll be asking for your opinions on STRONG match of the year all next week! Submit your picks via Twitter and you could be in line to win one of five limited edition I Love NJPW ver.2 T-shirts! Stay tuned for more information!

We can’t wait for you to join us on this very special episode to close out 2020 on NJPW STRONG!