The shape of things to come? Jay White stands tall after Korakuen main event

BULLET CLUB victorious in December 21 main event

The Road to Tokyo Dome hit Korakuen Hall on December 21, with the main event seeing Jay White team for the first time with EVIL and Dick Togo against double IWGP Champion Tetsuya Naito, SANADA and BUSHI. 

How Jay White would team with the EVIL and Dick Togo camp was the source of some speculation before the match took place, and there was some reluctance before eventual co-operation, Jay tagging out to Dick Togo only to find himself knocked off the apron by a charging Naito, who took control with a headlock. A trio of dropkicks, and LIJ had control early, leaving Togo in trouble center ring as EVIL removed the cornerpad with malicious intent.

It was BUSHI who tasted that steel, as would SANADA on tagging in even after some heavy blows dealt to both Togo and EVIL. When the BULLET CLUB representatives went for Magic Killer though, it was an offense too far, SANADA countering and firing off a Magic Screw to bring in Naito and White. Switchblade, exuding confidence before the match took place found himself in trouble at the hands of Naito, who applied the pressure with a neck hold and stomps in the corner that had White in the rare position of asking for help from the referee. 

A DDT though, and White turned the match to his favour with trademark efficacy, landing a Bladebuster and looking to end the match before an enzuigiri brought in BUSHI who dove at White on the outside with a tope suicida. Again the January 5 challenger proved an expert counterpuncher, a snap sleeper suplex landing as the match suddenly broke down. 

SANADA and then Togo hit the ring, a chaotic series of moves seeing EVIL connect on SANADA and White land a Bladerunner on Naito. EVIL landed Darkness Falls on BUSHI and White hit one more Bladerunner to the legal masked man for the victory. As EVIL promised to ‘crush’ SANADA no matter how angry he got, White taunted Naito and the Tokyo crowd with both title belts, as an ominous portent of what may lay in wait January 5.