Hiromu, Ishimori, ‘El Phantasmo’ make pre-Wrestle Kingdom statements 【WK15】

Junior heavyweights to collide in high profile matchups on both nights of Wrestle Kingdom 15

The pre- Wrestle Kingdom 15 press conference on December 23 saw NJPW’s top flight junior heavyweight exchange words, with high profile singles matches lined up for Wrestle Kingdom January 4 & 5.

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In advance of his January 4 match with El Phantasmo, Hiromu Takahashi was first to issue his statement. 

‘Hello everyone, it is me, Hiromu Taka- I should say Best of the Super Jr. 27 winner Hiromu Takahashi. Phantasmo isn’t here… He really isn’t? He isn’t coming? It’s kinda hard to be in the zone when your opponent isn’t here for a press conference. It’s hard for me to be myself, and I don’t want to half-ass this, so I’ll just make a little comment and leave it at that. 

I will beat El Phantasmo on January 4, and then beat Taiji Ishimori on January 5 to become IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. that’s all I have to say. If Phantasmo were really here, we’d have a lot of back and forth I’m sure, but what can you do? By the way, where are we on the card?’


‘I know! Of course I knew. That’s an amazing spot to be in. I’ll show all of you what it means to be in the opening match at the Tokyo Dome. I can’t wait; sit back and enjoy. And Phantasmo! You’re probably around here somewhere. Come on, I’m right here!… Ahh, you aren’t here, you can’t be here. Rules are rules. I can’t say I’m happy about it but, I’ll take my leave’. 

Moments later ‘El Phantasmo’, or at least a wrestler who looked very much like him, appeared in the press conference hall, with signature poses, and the following statement: 

‘Hello. I am El Phantasmo. Mr. Hiromu is Number One. I can’t beat him, 100%. But I’m excited. Mr. Hiromu, I love you’

Returning to the hall in his jacket, but no shirt (and, oddly, the letters ‘ELP’ written on his chest) Hiromu had this to add to his comments:

‘Was he here? Was Phantasmo really here? Tell me! You’re a tricky one, ELP. Acting like you weren’t gonna come and then surprising everyone. And he made a comment as well? Oh man, I can’t not be fired up now. I can’t wait! January 4! Let’s gooo!!

In advance of his January 5 battle with the January 4 winner, Taiji Ishimori issued the following statement. 

‘On January 4, it’s the winner of Best of the Super Jr. against the winner of Super J-Cup. In other words, we find out who the ultimate tournament winner is. Then, on January 5 the winner challenges me. Whatever happens, whoever my opponent, I’ll be a fighting champion, and I’ll keep this belt!

As if I’d make such a lame generic comment. Sorry to Hiromu, but El Phantasmo is beating you, no doubt! And on January 5, it’ll be an all BULLET CLUB title match! It seems a lot of other BULLET CLUB members are busy at the Dome as well. Remember this year? All those LIJ fans wanted to yell ‘De! Ja! Pon!’ and they couldn’t do it, huh? We’ll give all of them a bad start to next year as well! Or maybe all those closed fists will become ‘two sweets’ for us! I can’t wait for the Tokyo Dome!’

ADDENDUM: After the press conference, Phantasmo issued the following statement via social media.