BULLET CLUB present tense press conference scenes 【WK15】

G.o.D, KENTA in no mood to talk at Wrestle Kingdom press conference

The pre- Wrestle Kingdom 15 press conference saw some tense scenes instigated by BULLET CLUB, as neither G.o.D nor KENTA gave much for reporters to work on. 

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To promote the January 4 IWGP Tag Team Championship match between Dangerous Tekkers and the Guerrillas of Destiny, G.o.D entered the press conference first, and refused to let Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr. reach the stage, let alone speak. After the two teams hurled insults at one another, Taichi and Sabre had had enough and left Tanga Loa to state:

‘Remember this. G.o.D came on a mission. We won World Tag League. On January 4, we will defeat ‘The Trekkers’ and we will be seven time IWGP Tag Team Champions.’ 

Tama Tonga followed:

‘Four years, we’ve dominated the tag division. Six times IWGP Champions. Nobody has done what the Guerrillas of Destiny have done. We are NJPW’s franchise team. You should know that by now. And on January 4, against those idiot d**khead Trekkers, we will be seven time champions’

After he accepted Juice Robinson’s challenge for the IWGP US Heavyweight Right to Challenge on December 22 in Korakuen hall, KENTA had expected to go face to face with Robinson at the press conference. Instead, Robinson was absent as he headed to a medical examination; one that revealed a broken orbital bone that will put him on the shelf at Wrestle Kingdom. KENTA was not amused, stating:

‘(Juice) asked and asked for this match, and he’s not here. He isn’t here, ‘JoMo’ isn’t here. What kind of mind game are you all playing? Why am I here on my own? I’m not going to do some ventriloquist act here or anything. You’re hurt? Don’t make me laugh. You wanted this, you should be here. I said I’d do this, right? 

What the hell is this? What a joke. That’s it, I’m done. If you can’t do it properly… You want this or not? You kept asking and now I’m saying I’ll do it. And for this? Ridiculous.’