EVIL, SANADA collide at presser 【WK15】

Dick Togo intervenes at SANADA and EVIL presser


Before they go head to head on January 5, former partners SANADA and EVIL met face to face at the Wrestle Kingdom press conference, and their war of words would turn physical.

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Keeping his words short and sour, EVIL stated ‘SANADA, you irritating little bug. I’ll crush you at the Tokyo Dome’

In response, SANADA said: ‘Well, it looks like (EVIL) can’t accept the fact that he lost to me clean during the G1. I plan to show at the big stage of the Tokyo Dome that however many times he comes to me, he can expect the same result. And after I beat a former champion like EVIL twice in a row, I figure that makes me more than qualified to challenge for a title myself. I will produce.’


As both lined up for official photographs, it was Dick Togo that produced a steel wire to choke at SANADA. Taunting his Jan.5 opponent, EVIL yelled ‘don’t be late for our (tag) match tonight!’ And left with his pareja.