THE EMPIRE strikes Hiroyoshi Tenzan at New Year Dash

Tenzan stretchered away after vicious assault. 

After its members suffered three hard fought singles losses at Wrestle Kingdom, eyes at New Year Dash were drawn to THE EMPIRE as they sought to carve a different narrative into the year ahead. 

Placed into the third match of the evening against Satoshi Kojima, Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Yota Tsuji, the group, and Will Ospreay in particular seemed affronted with the positioning on the card, and moved with brutal efficiency as they sought to make light work of their opposition.

The legendary TenCozy tag team and the promising Young Lion Tsuji gave more than enough for THE EMPIRE to think about. Tenzan stopped Great O-Khan’s Mongolian Chops, Kojima landed a Cozy Cutter, and Tsuji locked horns impressively with Jeff Cobb, but THE EMPIRE was too much, and Cobb and O-Khan lifted tsuji into an elevated OsCutter for the win. 

Post match the assault continued. Ospreay delivered a Hidden Blade to Kojima, before O-Khan used Tenzan’s own TTD against him, leaving the Thurd Generation member laying. As Ospreay boasted of the strength of a United Empire, Tenzan was motionless and eventually stretchered away. 

More updates on Tenzan’s condition as they become available.