A Brit Abroad with Gabriel Kidd: Road to The Tokyo Dome

January 4th 2018, Wrestle Kingdom 12, Tokyo Dome. I remember asking my friend for his NJPW World log in details, because at the time I
couldn’t afford the subscription fee. While watching the show, I received a text from my bank saying that I had insufficient funds
in my account and that I had to put money in there before the end of the day otherwise I’d be charged an extra fee.

January 4th 2019, Wrestle Kingdom 13, Tokyo Dome. I had just come back from my first trip to the LA Dojo. Shibata San had told me what I needed to do to become a member of the team and I was so focused on making that happen. I watched Wrestle Kingdom 13 at home and told myself that I would be at the Tokyo Dome the next year as a member of the LA Dojo.

January 4th 2020, Wrestle Kingdom 14, Tokyo Dome. I joined LA Dojo in September 2019 and spent 3 and a half months training with the LA Dojo boys and Shibata San. At Wrestle Kingdom 14 I watched my team mates debut & win at the Tokyo Dome. I told
myself that next year, I would fight at Wrestle Kingdom 15.

January 4th 2021, Wrestle Kingdom 15, Tokyo Dome. I entered the New Japan Ranbo at #18. I debuted at the Tokyo Dome.

I don’t want to tell anyone how to live their lives, but I truly believe it is essential to set goals and put 100% effort into achieving them.
I told myself for years that one day I would fight at the Tokyo Dome.
I will never forget that day.

The best part is, that was only the beginning. On to the next.
Thank you for reading.
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