G.o.D halt CHAOS in Korakuen

Tanga Loa stands tall even on one foot after Korakuen main event


The third of four nights in Korakuen Hall on the Road to Castle Attack saw Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and EVIL of BULLET CLUB face CHAOS’ Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI and Kazuchika Okada in previews of key Osaka-Jo Hall matches. 

With tensions long building between Okada and EVIL, things got off to a hot start before Goto took charge on Loa. When EVIL and Okada tagged themselves in, the Rainmaker was all ready to take on his Osaka Jo opponent, but as ever, it was the BULLET CLUB numbers game coming into play as G.o.D attacked from behind, and EVIL took control on the floor. 

Okada was sent from pillar to post, and apron to guardrail, with ring announcer Makoto Abe taking a now customary spill to the floor. When Okada was able to evade a charging EVIL in the corner however, the tag was made and it was Goto hitting the ring to tee off on Tama Tonga. 

The pace quickened with Goto taking down Tonga with a lariat and bulldog, but a GTR was denied with a Tongan Twist bringing Loa back inside. Loa was literally struck out of his boots, and a subsequent lack of balance on one foot helped YOSHI-HASHI land a Headhunter. The power of the IWGP Tag Team Champions showed through however, and the brothers connected with a Tongan Twist, but the challengers fired back with effective double team work of their own. 

Jado and Togo’s presence didn’t prevent YOSHI-HASHI from firing up and looking for a lariat to Loa, but a moment’s hesitation lead to Apes**t for the BULLET CLUB victory against the run of the match. After the bell, Loa vowed to hurt YOSHI-HASHI so badly the IWGP Tag Team Championship match on February 28 wouldn’t happen, while Tama Tonga promised that Goto will be his ‘stepping stone to greatness’. CHAOS will look to respond on February 17.