The Social Round-up: ‘New Jacan Puc’ edition

It’s been a while since the Social Round-Up hit the pages of, but with so much change afoot within New Japan Pro-Wrestling in the last couple of weeks, let alone a sustained New Japan Cup run that has allowed KENTA to stretch his trolling legs, there is a lot to break down online. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights from Japanese wrestling online missives of late: 



While the New Japan Cup rages on, the one key figure absent from proceedings is, of course, Kota Ibushi. The IWGP World Heavyweight Champion will be awaiting the cup winner on April 4 in Ryogoku at Sakura Genesis, defending his new title for the very first time. That title is still the source of a lot of controversy, which Ibushi was keen to set straight, posting:

‘This whole unified title thing is really blowing up, huh? Any progression will have some discontent. But let all your stress out on me. If you have anything to say, say it to me directly. You think I’m being a puppet for the company? You think I’m wiping the ass of history? Whatever you have for me, let it all out! Hopefully we can have a good conversation about all this.’


Shingo Takagi was not going to pass up his right to reply, stating ‘When you change history, disagreement is only natural. The important thing is courage in your convictions. This guy is just like (Hirooki) Goto, I have no idea what’s going on in his head. Anyways, he’s what I’m aiming for through this New Japan Cup. Be ready, champ.’


Kota Ibushi would find rather less controversy when throwing his support behind Yota Tsuji. Tsuji is looking to amass 55,000 likes on his Twitter post by Sunday, hoping to get a singles match with Tetsuya Naito should he meet his goal. Ibushi remarked ‘let’s change everything in an instant. Everybody send your likes! I really want this to happen! Don’t give up!’ (Smash the like button here)

At any rate, Shingo Takagi will have to target KENTA before even thinking of Kota Ibushi. The Dragon has never wrestled KENTA one on one before, but has tasted Go2Sleep, many years ago in Dragon Gate. 


‘March 2008. I learned the hard way that Go2Sleep is followed by Go To Hospital. I haven’t forgotten that disgrace. Now’s the time for revenge.’


KENTA’s already made fun of Shingo Takagi in his backstage comments, though meme wise, he might have a hard time topping his trolling of Minoru Suzuki. That all led to a victory over the King; could lightning strike twice in the quarter finals Tuesday? 

Ultimately it’s been a bad few days for Suzuki-Gun; both Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr. crashed out of the New Japan Cup on consecutive nights in two of the most memorable matches of the tournament. Yet the group can still be proud of having the IWGP Junior Heavyweight singles and tag team championships in their control, and also frankly the steamiest picture of this or any other year with which we close out our round-up this time.