Aaron Henare revealed as United Empire’s X factor

Former Toa Henare appears as group’s new member.
Aaron Henare, who formerly wrestled as Toa Henare, was revealed as the newest member of the United Empire at Sakura Genesis. Referring to himself as the ‘Ultimate Weapon’, Henare scored a convincing victory over SANADA, as NJPW’s newest group seems to have found firm enemies in Los Ingobernables De Japon.
Moving with a new sense of confidence in the ring, Henare would dominate SANADA through a match that also saw Naito and O-Khan resume their issues that began during New Japan Cup. Adopting a more strike based style that drew on his Muay Thai training, Henare’s hard hits were ultimately capped off with a Death Valley Driver like maneuver that he calls the Streets of Rage.
As Henare stood tall after the third match of the night, the group was not content with simply defeating SANADA, as Naito was held prone and had his knee attacked by a steel chair shot courtesy of O-Khan. LIJ will be hungry for revenge, but that appears to be a tall order against what in one night became NJPW’s most powerful and fearsome faction.