Glorious reunion, Dangerous new Champions

Dangerous Tekkers capture IWGP Tag Team Championships for second time in Korakuen Hall 

The main event of night one on the short Road to Dominion in Korakuen Hall saw a big championship main event, as Dangerous Tekkers challenged IWGP Tag Team Champions the Guerrillas of Destiny. 

The challengers had added motivation and moral support in their corner as the returning diva Miho Abe accompanied Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr. to ringside, while DOUKI was on hand to counter Jado’s presence in the BULLET CLUB corner. After some verbal back and forth though, DOUKI and Jado both left the ringside area, the match starting seemingly without outside factors. 

Two on two the match may have been, but it nonetheless started with rules bent to breaking point, Taichi attacking with ‘Greco Roman’ throat holds, and all four hitting the ring at once before Taichi was able to stand tall and alone. Frustrated, Tama Tonga instantly went to attack Abe, baiting Taichi in as the champions took advantage on the floor. 

Beaten on the floor and suplexed onto the apron, Taichi was struggling as the match passed the five minute mark, but the Holy Emperor was able to fire back, rebounding out of the corner with a lariat to Tonga that brought ZSJ inside. The Briton fell quickly to a Tanga Loa elbow, but outmaneuvered his opponent into a front choke and then overhead kick into the left arm, before a sweep put Loa on the mat. 

Sabre kept Loa grounded, picking the leg and finding a knee bar, before honing in on the lower extremities as the match passed ten minutes. A swinging DDT and Taichi was back in for the challengers; low kicks would fire Loa up however, but jumping highs would connect to the front and back of the head. Tonga would come in for the save but was quickly put down by Sabre as all four men once again hit the ring, Taichi coming out on top of the melee with a Dangerous Backdrop suplex. 

Closing in on victory, Taichi tore away his trousers and went for the kill, but was caught into OJK by Loa. As the match passed 15 minutes, Taichi barely got his foot to the bottom rope, but champions G.o.D pressed the advantage with a double team neckbreaker. Taichi would escape the Magic Killer however, and a desperation elbow created a desperately needed tag. 

Sabre locked in a Cobra Twist on Tonga, but was hip tossed out, and dropped with a Tongan Twist as the balance of momentum again shifted. Unable to follow up, Tonga found himself in Clarky Cat, Jado and Gedo both interfering but chased off by DOUKI as Sabre wrenched back on the arm. 

With nowhere to go, Tonga withstood intense pain before Loa was able to make the save. Guerrilla Warfare put Sabre down, but not long enough for the three count to be rendered, the champions instead applying a double team powerbomb that saw Taichi just barely make the save before the three. 

The numbers game belonged to G.o.D however. Magic Killer connected on Taichi, and Sabre took a headbutt from Loa and the Superfly from Tonga, only to have enough will to win to be able to kick out at 2.5. With the Super Powerbomb the only move left to use to put the challengers away, Sabre was hoisted in the corner, but countered with a Frankensteiner as Taichi rejoined the fray with a double Ax Bomber. 

Taichi held Tonga for a blistering PK from Sabre, but Loa prevented Zack Mephisto. Moments later however, and the Silverback tasted the move instead; the desperate Tonga landed a low blow to escape the move himself and got a near fall from an O’Conner clutch, but the Gunstun was countered with a  rear naked choke. Taichi followed with an enzuigiri, and the Holy Zack Driver followed as new champions were crowned.