20 Questions With… Great-O-Khan

Great-O-Khan takes questions from his loyal subjects

Great-O-Khan has not just become one of the most intimidating wrestlers on the NJPW roster in the eight months since his appearance at the G1 Climax finals, but he’s also garnered a following of ‘subjects’ each with plenty of questions to ask of the ‘Dominator’. Gracious with his time, O-Khan took 20 of the best. 


1. From ‘K’

Why was the United Empire formed?

O-Khan: To not be tied to New Japan Pro-Wrestling. To shine as individuals, and to do what we want as a group. And not to be subservient to one leader but be a collective, a truly United Empire. 

2. From ‘K-Mura’

Will more members be added to the United Empire?

O-Khan: There are a great number of people looking to join our alliance. Our new members are all but decided, but COVID is not under our control. It’s all about timing. 

–So the group will grow. 

O-Khan: Of course. 

3. From ‘Sakubo’

Are there any junior heavyweights or wrestlers in other promotions that catch your eye?

O-Khan: Of course we are considering junior heavyweights who wish to join our union, but as we said there are certain restrictions at the current time. We call ourselves the Dominator because we seek to dominate any division and title we set our eyes upon, but the junior heavyweight landscape is one we cannot conquer. A junior heavyweight would be a good addition to strengthen the United Empire. As for other promotions, our eyes are drawn to Dragon Gate’s Ben-K and Keisuke Okuda.

4. From ‘Athlete’

All of you in united Empire are formidable singles wrestlers. Do you have a plan to challenge for the tag team championships with another member?

O-Khan: We held two tag team championships in the UK with a perfect record. We would wrestle singles and tags with different ring wear and entrance gowns.

–Why is that?

O-Khan: We believe that tag matches are a different animal. We believe they should be distinct. Tag team wrestling is unique to professional wrestling in sports. With double teams and combinations one can be twice as strong, twice as powerful, twice as dramatic. Yes, we desire the tag team championships. We would say we want them more than any other singles wrestler. 

–You teamed with Jeff Cobb in World Tag League. Would you like that team to continue?

O-Khan: Cobb is most similar to our style of wrestling. When it comes to combinations and maneuvers, more ideas come for us with Cobb. 

5. From ‘BB Rainbow’

Have you considered scouting female wrestlers?

–This was a topic Will Ospreay addressed.

O-Khan: We are in complete agreement. the United Empire is different to any other faction when it comes to our growth. Nationality, gender mean nothing to us. If there are women who want to build their own empire then we would welcome them wholeheartedly. Why stop there? If there are actors, entertainers, corporate sponsors, multinational CEOs who seek to enrich themselves by joining our union, we would welcome them. Takaaki Kidani for instance. We will encompass any field, gender, nationality, or vocation and create the strongest empire professional wrestling has ever seen. 

6. From ‘T2’

What are the immediate goals for United Empire?

O-Khan: It’s difficult for us to speak on behalf of the entire group. We are not a traditional faction but a union of individuals, each with our own goals and ambitions. But speaking as one wrestler, we plan to eliminate every other competitor and dominate every championship. 

7. From ‘Tarai no Naka no Piro’

Would you be interested in the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, even if it meant facing Will Ospreay?

O-Khan: Of course. But there is an agreement within the United Empire that we will all co-operate. We wouldn’t compete for a title another one of us has. But remember this! We are not subservient to anyone. If we were in the G1 Climax and had to face Ospreay, or Jeff Cobb, or Aaron Henare, we will crush them. We will fight and fight hard. There will be no nonsense shenanigans like in BULLET CLUB. And if that created a championship opportunity then we would have no issue taking it. 

8. From ‘Taiko’

How does one progress from being a mere peasant to a subject of the United Empire?

O-Khan: If you are a fan of the United Empire, then you are one of our loyal subjects. If you aren’t you are but a mere peasant. It’s that simple. 

9. From ‘Adako’

Is there a hand signal for the United Empire like BULLET CLUB or Tanahashi has? If I had the honour of seeing O-Khan in person I would want to prove my loyalty from afar.

O-Khan: Prove your loyalty with United Empire merchandise. We aren’t hung up on poses. But speak with honour and respect in your mouth. We may prove a point with abusive language from time to time, but you must show your loyalty and speak with dignity at all times. 

10. From ‘KitaKitsune’

Who is your next target?

O-Khan: We don’t know whether to call him a target, but we would like to face that one who challenged Jon Moxley recently, Yuji Nagata.


O-Khan: Our history with Yuji Nagata may be a faded memory, but what he taught has stuck with us, particularly about amateur wrestling. That carries with it some… humiliations. We would like to completely erase any idea that Yuji Nagata is above us. Especially if we could do it in the Second Yoyogi Gymnasium. To execute Nagata in the same venue as the All Japanese amateur tournaments, yes…

11. From ‘Mikunon’

Can you see in front of you when you make your entrance?

O-Khan: We cannot. How we can walk forward is a closely guarded state secret. 

12. From ‘Ka-ni-Kun’

What inspires your unique costumes?

O-Khan: We are connoisseurs of manga and anime and want to bring two dimensional characters into life. Our costumes are extravagant but not overly complex, easy to illustrate, and to cosplay as. 

13. From ‘Takayo’

Why do you have both long and short tights in different matches?

O-Khan: We had no interest in professional wrestling before, and when we were in tags, we thought to have the simplest image of a professional wrestler. Black tights, elbow pads, knee pads. That is the style we chose, and to distinguish ourselves from the Young Lions, used a Mongolian insignia on the tights. 

–But your singles outfit is very different.

O-Khan: We chose to keep the traditional style for tags. In singles, we have a Genghis Khan motif, and traditional Mongolian wear.

14. From ‘Umefu Soya’

Have you considered changing your hairstyle?

O-Khan: We are prone to changes of heart. We may change the hair at any time but we have no immediate ideas of what to do next. 

15. From ‘Chosensha Boyaki’

When the COVID situation has eased up, is there a place that you would like to go with the other members of the United Empire?

O-Khan: A high end hostess bar. We would take pleasure in making it ‘rain’. 

16. From ‘G-Store Akihabara’

When can we expect your patronage again? 

O-Khan: We have returned several times already, incognito. 

17. From ‘Rina’

What’s your go-to ramen order?

O-Khan: We have no specific preference. Allow yourself to be hung up on a type and you can miss what makes a purveyor special. 

18. From ‘Saitama’

Best ramen in Gunma?

O-Khan: Ichitora’s cabbage ramen, and the Tontora Tonkotsu ramen from Tokyo Tontora Tonkotsu in Maebashiamakawaojima. When we eat out, it’s always either fine dining or ramen. Ramen chains are franchised, each with their own individual flavours, so the same chain in different towns has different ramen. 

19. From ‘Okumura’ 

I’m a Gunma native. What do you think of the area?

O-Khan: The Gunma empire is good to us online, and we enjoy the hot springs. We would like to colonize Gunma as part of the United Empire. 

20. From ‘Takahashi’

What decorative manhole cover have you seen on your travels that most resonated with you?

O-Khan: The manholes in Yokkaichi. These are particular to every town, but in Yokkaichi where there were very few decorative ones, was where we came across our first coloured manhole covers, with three different designs. That experience is what got us interested in manhole covers.