Ishii and Cassidy Make Dynamite Combination on AEW 【NJoA】

CHAOS scoop victory at AEW event

A week after Orange Cassidy and Best Friends were welcomed to CHAOS by Rocky Romero on AEW Dynamite, the fruits of this special collaboration were on display on this week’s edition, as the freshly crowned NEVER Openweight Champion Tomohiro Ishii teamed with Cassidy to take on the Butcher and the Blade.

CHAOS’ opponents were accompanied by Matt Hardy and the Bunny, while Rocky Romero and the Best Friends crew made a striking visual contrast to the all business new NEVER champ with his freshly accrued belt fastened around his waist. After Blade tried three elbow shots to start the match off, Ishii dropped his opponent with just one, before tagging in Cassidy for a splash and a one count cover. 

Hands in pocket, ‘Freshly Squeezed’ would fire off a dropkick to Blade, who tagged in the Butcher blind, allowing for a big tackle that put Orange to the mat. Cassidy would be in the wrong corner, and the Bunny and Hardy didn’t help matters as they threw in shots on the floor and Ishii got ever more frustrated. Some fast footwork from Orange would put Ishii in though, and business would pick up. 

The Stone Pitbull rang hard chops to the chest of the Blade before getting two from a backdrop suplex. The Butcher would tag in for some heavy chops of his own, but only succeeded in firing up Ishii, who corked his foe with an elbow and then landed a big second rope superplex for a nearfall. When Ishii tagged Cassidy back in, the Butcher and the Blade used him as a battering ram to clear the NEVER champ from the ring, but a swinging DDT scored for Orange, still only getting two and a half. 

Cassidy backed up and created distance for an Orange Punch but was instant caught in a double team, Butcher and Blade nearly getting the victory before Ishii broke the pin. Dragging Cassidy to his corner, Ishii tagged himself in for more hard and heavy shots, and a German suplex to the Butcher; as Matt Hardy’s charges were ever more pressured, he and the Bunny created a distraction for the Blade to grab a set of brass knux, but first Rocky, and then with a big dive Cassidy prevented their use, and Blade fell to a Vertical Drop Brainbuster center ring.