As a company promoting personal information, our company recognizes that careful handling of personal information is the basis that is guaranteeing the stability of our business. Therefore, we fully realize the importance of protecting personal information and will make all efforts in order to protect personal information by establishing the following policy.

As a company promoting personal information, our company recognizes that careful handling of personal information is the basis that is guaranteeing the stability of our business. Therefore, we fully realize the importance of protecting personal information and will make all efforts in order to protect personal information by establishing the following policy.

We will strictly observe the Personal Information Protection Act, the guidelines established by the government, and other laws and regulations. In addition, we will establish regulations and code of conduct concerning personal information protection and we will work on the protection of personal information. We will keep doing permanent improvements by confirming, auditing and reviewing periodically whether such efforts have been implemented reliably.

In addition to creation of a system of efforts aimed at the protection of personal information, we will thoroughly inform all employees and make all efforts in order to thoroughly comply with all rules and regulations.

Our company uses the personal information only for the purpose of use specified to our customers. In addition, we will commit to taking appropriate measures in order not to handle the personal information provided by our customers for other purposes.

We keep accurate and up-to-date personal information, and make efforts to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, falsification or leakage. We will improve information security and make its correction on a continuous basis. When confirming the accident occurrence such as leakage of personal information, we will take appropriate measures promptly. Also, we will notify or announce the facts without any mistakes.

We will quickly and sincerely respond to the requests for inquiries, consultation, complaints, disclosure, correction etc. concerning personal information from our customers.
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The Shin Nippon Wrestling Official Website and the Shin Nippon Wrestling Fighting Shop (also referred to as "this site") operated by Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), fully realizes that the information concerning the privacy (Hereinafter referred to as "personal information") is valuable privacy information for our customers. We pay close attention to protecting the personal information.

In accordance with the following privacy policy, we recognize the importance of proper handling and management of personal information, and we are performing the handling and contemplation regarding the personal information. In addition, we will strictly observe the applicable laws and other norms concerning the personal information you have provided.
1. Collection items of personal information
Personal information refers to the information such as name (family name), address, telephone number, type of preferred seat and number of sheets, e-mail address, age, gender, occupation, etc., and one or more of these transmitted information. This is the information that makes it possible to identify individual users by 1 kind or combination. On this site, we may ask you to fill out personal information at the time of application for services requiring member registration such as e-mail newsletter, fan club, etc., application for event recruitment, ticket advance reservation reception etc. Whether or not to provide these personal information is a judgment of the user, but please note that in some cases it may not be able to receive the corresponding service of this site because it is not provided.
2. Purpose and use of personal information collection
The purpose of using personal information collected on this site is as follows.
1. To provide various member services
2. For various settlement of goods/services payment procedures, for shipment of goods etc.
3. To implement questionnaire survey, campaign (various gifts etc.)
4. For providing various information by mail, DM or other means
5. User support on our service (Inquiries correspondence, Contact, Procedure, Management)

In addition, information gathered from this site is not supplemented by information that we learned from other sources.
3. Correction, modification, deletion of personal information.
In case our customers request us to disclose, correct, change, or delete their personal information they have sent us, we will disclose, correct, change and delete the applicable registration information only after we confirm that such request was the intention of the information holder. Please contact us for the following inquiries. Registered member information can be modified in the screen after you log in. Regarding distribution of e-mail magazines, registration members can cancel this at any time by notifying us that they wish to cancel distribution. As for the method of cancellation, we will specify it in the mail to be sent.
4. Third party provision of personal information
Personal information collected on this site will not be disclosed to third parties without obtaining prior consent from our customers. However, it excludes the following cases.
· Based on laws and ordinances
· When we consign all or part of the handling of personal information within the range Necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
(Our company has been mainly conducting its outsourcing activity for the payment settlement business, shipping business etc.)

In that case, we will conclude a confidentiality agreement etc with the subcontractor, keep the outsourcing information under a strict management system and make sure the information will not be disclosed to a third party or be used for purposes other than approved by our company.
5. Link to external site
This site contains links from external sites. Regarding the handling of personal information at the linked site, it will be the management standard. This site is not responsible for the contents provided at the linked site.
6. Concerning the security
By taking reasonable technical measures, we strive to prevent the loss, tampering or leakage of personal information. We also conduct educational awareness-raising activities for employees dealing with personal information, and oblige the safety management of personal information. Personal information of users sent over the Internet is protected by encryption technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
7. Regarding the use of cookie and web beacon
This site uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that the server uses to send data to your browser when visiting to this site for shopping cart management, login management, collection of statistical information, etc. Depending on the settings of your browser, you can refuse to accept cookies or display a warning when you receive cookies, but if you refuse cookies, some of the services on this site may not be available for you. In addition, this site may use cookies, web beacons, etc. for third party companies for advertisement, measuring effect, improvement of convenience etc. Use of cookies or web beacon in this case is in accordance with said third party company's vision of privacy.
8. About access log
The IP address of the user recorded in the access log is used for solving problems in the management of servers running this site and servers, as statistical values, for improving the site etc.
* The access log is the type of browser of the user who accessed the site, the version of the computer, the OS type of the computer, the IP address (the address on the Internet of your computer, the provider etc. information such as organization and country of use etc. But it is not possible to identify an individual), the page or image you viewed, and the time of access.
9. Revision of Privacy Policy
This website will review and improve the measures in the above sections as appropriate. In accordance with changes in laws and other norms, we may revise the above privacy policy. In that case, we will notify the user by sending him notification at this site. In addition, when using it for purposes other than the original purpose collected personal information, we will guide you by e-mail etc. beforehand and obtain consent from the user.
10. Inquiries
For inquiries about personal information on this site, please send your inquiry from this page.

Effective Date: August 2, 2016