Rocky Romero Reunites with Young Bucks, Beretta on AEW Dynamite 【NJoA】

Beretta’s return makes for Roppongi Vice and Best Friends reunited in CHAOS fueled scenes

AEW fans got a rare treat Wednesday night when Rocky Romero competed on AEW Dynamite, teaming with Chuck Taylor to face the Young Bucks. 

Long having battled with the Bucks over the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag team Championships, Rocky reunited with Nick Jackson to start the match and matched pace before using a deep armdrag to take control. Matt would blind tag himself in, but Taylor would keep pace until being sent off the apron; Rocky would land a tope suicida on Nick, but took a dropkick through the ropes from Matt as the Bucks took control. 

Romero would be worked over until he was able to catch a Nick Jackson superkick and divert it to Matt, creating a tag to Taylor. The CHAOS advantage was short lived; a pair of superkicks to Rocky, and Chuck would be in the wrong part of town for a long time. A front suplex to Nick onto Matt in the corner though, and Romero would be back inside. 

Rocky was a ball of energy, with Forever Clotheslines to both Bucks, a headscissors on the floor to Nick and Sliced Rocky in ring to Matt who responded with rolling Northern Lights suplexes only to take a swinging DDT for his trouble. As desperation grew for the Bucks, seconds Brandon Cutler and Adam Cole got involved, Romero defusing Cutler’s intervention and forcing Nick to take cold spray to the eyes before nearly securing a rollup victory. 

Rocky would score a rewind kick and got a very nearfall from a backslide, but a wrist clutch from Matt would see him hoist Romero into Tombstone position, and the Meltzer Driver would secure victory. A post match beat down from the Elite side would be halted by Trent Beretta though, as he returned from injury to clear the ring and reunite with Roppongi Vice partner Rocky and his Best Friends.

Match video to follow on NJPW World!