Dangerous Tekkers, Goto & YOSHI-HASHI square off in press conference 【WK16】

IWGP Tag Team Champions and Challengers exchange words

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December 27’s Wrestle Kingdom 16 press conference saw IWGP Tag Team Champions Dangerous Tekkers and their challengers, Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI exchange words just over one week before their title clash on January 4. 

Speaking first in the conference, Hirooki Goto stated simply ‘We won World Tag League and earned the right to challenge for the tag titles in the Tokyo Dome. We will make the most of this chance on the grand stage and make tag team history. That is all.’

Following up, fellow challenger YOSHI-HASHI stated: ‘We won the long World tag League series, but of course we aren’t satisfied. Me and Goto will absolutely earn those titles on January 4’.

In response, Taichi was first to speak on behalf of Dangerous Tekkers: ‘Man you guys are boring. “we did our best”, “we’ll take the belts”. What horrid promos you are. We’ve faced them more than once, and we always say they aren’t on our level, and this is the same deal. But then again, you guys have won those trophies, you’ve put the work in and I have to at least recognise that. 

You, YOSHI-HASHI, I see you, you’ve been putting the work in yourself, especially. You’ve changed, to get to this point. An ordinary guy, not even famous, not even verified on Twitter. It’s amazing you even got in and didn’t get stopped by security. Nobody knows who you are after all. Maybe you can do your best, work hard and with the trophy and maybe the belts, you might get recognised on the street someday, maybe even get a blue check. Well, maybe you’ve made your dreams a reality winning those trophies, but we’ll put you back to sleep in the Dome.’

Zack Sabre Jr. followed: ‘I’m too hungover to try and understand Japanese. Today is a very important day, the day after Boxing Day. For British people this is the most unproductive day of the year. I should be spending all day in my underwear eating mince pies and watching ‘Only Fools and Horses’. But I have to be here, unfortunately. A year ago, the thought of wrestling YOSHI-HASHI in the Tokyo Dome would have been incredibly depressing. But in his defence, he’s spent the last yearraising his level. I think this defence is worthy of the Tokyo Dome.  IWGP Tag Champions and Tokyo Sports best tag team versus the World tag League winners. The tag division in this company has been an afterthought for far too long. Me and Taichi have raised the belts higher than they’ve been in decades, and I look to raising them further at the Tokyo Dome.’