MelTear, MaruTear talk ambitious Historic X-Over tactics

Taichi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Tam Nakano and Natsupoi share strategy, lunch?

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The second team to give their thoughts ahead of November 20’s Historic X-Over eight person tag was the combination of Godesses of STARDOM Champions MelTear, Tam Nakano and Natsupoi, and Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Taichi of Suzuki-Gun. 

Tam Nakano (Tam): Tam Nakano and…

Natsupoi: Natsupoi-

Together: MelTear! And…

Taichi: And? Oh, er. Taichi.

Kanemaru: Kanemaru.

Taichi: We’re MaruTear.

Tam: Thank you for watching our joint live stream last night! We did a lot of good team building. And..

Natsupoi: We cut a lot of onions!

Taichi: You should watch the archive on YouTube. We played that cooking game, Overcooked. It’s a four player team building game. 

Tam: So we wanted to do some real life cooking. We made you guys lunch!

 Natsupoi: Eat these, please. 

Tam: Eat these, get strong, and we’ll be unstoppable.

Natsupoi: Eat them. Seriously.

Taichi: You made these?

Tam: I did the stream until 10PM yesterday then got up at six to make this. 

Natsupoi: Kanemaru-san, eat it. 

Taichi: This is good, but it kind of tastes like you bought it from a convenience store. 

Tam: It tastes like it was made by professionals. 

Kanemaru: This good. I’m not sure how it will make us work better as a team, but we’ll figure it out. 

Tam: And we’re training together, too! 

Taichi: Ah yeah, I figure we’ll practice together. 

Tam: There’s a move I want us all to do, off each of the four corners at the same time. If Taichi does something cool off the top rope, it would really be something. 

Taichi: All together? OK. 

Tam: Really? You never fly?

Kanemaru: It’s just that he doesn’t need to, normally. 

Tam: So it’s just a recent thing?

Taichi: It’s not that I can’t, I just don’t. Everyone flies so I choose not to. I’ll do a shooting star press. I can, I just don’t show it. So if the timing is right, I’ll do it. If my timing is off, you guys dive first, and then I’ll go, later.

Natsupoi: No, we have to do it together.

Kanemaru: The timing is tricky.

Taichi: I’ll do it after you go.

Tam: We have to jump together!

Taichi: Don’t you hold hands with Natsupoi and jump?

Tam: How about we all hold hands together then?

Taichi: How do you hold hands?

Tam: Like this. You hold hands with Kanemaru. 

Taichi: I haven’t held hands with anyone in ages. 

–Have you been in a mixed tag before?

Kanemaru: This is my first time. But the girls can wrestle their way, and maybe we’ll have a double team up our sleeves. 

Taichi: I talked about this before, but the rules here are that the men wrestle men and women wrestle women. At first I wasn’t into that, but when you think about it, this ruling means you have to use your head, and I think it’ll lead to something really different. I think we’ll have something within the rules that will make people think this match is something special.

Personally, I make sure I’m especially mean when it comes to children, the elderly and women, so.

Tam: Isn’t that backward?

–You usually team with your opponents DOUKI and El Desperado.

Kanemaru: I think that adds another aspect of this match that’s intriguing, what it’s like for these teammates to fight one another. I think you could really count the number of times we’ve done something like that on the fingers of one hand. 

Taichi: We’re usually closing the bars together, and with his whiskey, it’ll be less a match and more a late Friday night. Until we get in the ring, I don’t know what will happen. There’s no anger, no hate there, so I’m not sure what to expect. 

–How do you feel about Watanabe and Starlight Kid opposite you?

Natsupoi: If the rules mean it’s women wrestling women, then for us that’s Black Desire. But we just beat them in a title match, and this month we’ll face one another twice. I don’t think we’ll have a problem winning. I’ve wrestled Kid a thousand times, and she’s always a fun opponent, and one I don’t see myself losing to. 

Tam: When Black Desire talk about us, they say that us singing and wrestling is something that’s disrespectful to pure pro-wrestlers. But we give 100% in both, and that’s what makes us the best all round pro-wrestlers, and that’s what I think we’ll show. 

Natsupoi: We won’t lose out when it comes to our entrance, right?

Taichi: I gave them some special masks for their entrance yesterday. Our entrance will definitely be unique. 

Tam: It’ll be the most glitzy of all the entrances.

Taichi: And, Tokyo Sports! Those two have to win the best tag team this year. Otherwise I’ll shave your heads. Best Tag has to be these two- me and Zack aren’t in the (World Tag League) series, so this is the only sensible choice.