BULLET CLUB, Team Filthy not STRONG enough for Tama Tonga 【NJoA】

Emphatic Gunstun gives Tama Tonga a big win

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The main event of NJPW STRONG this week saw IWGP World heavyweight Champion Switchblade Jay White in action before his confrontation with Kazuchika Okada Wednesday in Sendai, teaming with El Phantasmo and Team Filthy’s West Coast Wrecking Crew opposite former BULLET CLUB members Tama Tonga and Hikuleo along with David Finlay and Alan Angels. 

Wanting to pick up from their title match at Declaration of Power in October, Tonga put himself forward to start against Jay White, but it would be El Phantasmo and David Finlay who first tied up. Finlay and then Angels were impressive in taking down ELP early, but when Royce Isaacs laid in a kick from the apron, the Filthy BULLET CLUB side took over. Angels was buried in the wrong part of the ring until a standing Shiranui would lead to a tag to Hikuleo, who cleaned house as Jay White made a quick exit.

After a missed big boot led to potential hamstring damage for Hikuleo, the time was right for Jay White to pounce, but big brother Tama was there to back Hikuleo up. With blistering strikes, Tonga took control of the champion, but could not hit the Gunstun, instead being dropped with a signature short DDT. As the match broke down, Hikuleo drilled Phantasmo with a chokeslam, but a double version on the Isaacs and Jorel Nelson was stopped with a chop block from White. WCWC dumped Angels out the ring and looked to set up Tama, but a Gunstun counter struck Isaacs, and one more landed on Nelson to give Tama Tonga the victory. 

As Christopher Daniels continued his war against the LA Dojo, he faced The DKC this week on STRONG. The hard fighting underdog DKC started out with a flurry of offense on the veteran Daniels, but a handful of hair put him to the mat, and Daniels took firm control of the match. The difference in experience levels for the two men was evident as Daniels dictated the pace of the match, until DKC charged in with a fire lit underneath him. 

The D-K-Fire chops rained down on the Fallen Angel, who countered a Crucifix Bomb but still had DKC hang on for a near fall from the referee. DKC continued to build momentum until getting crotched ‘accidentally’ by Daniels, who followed with an uranage slam and the Best Moonsault Ever for the three.  

The first match of the night saw Gregory Sharpe and Kenny King make their returns, Sharpe in his first singles match on STRONG while King looked to build on a recent successful debut. Holding a significant experience advantage, King schooled Sharpe early, but the younger man responded with a big cross body. A second try proved too ambitious though, and King took over. Sharpe had King worried with a German suplex, and an Exploder off the top, but couldn’t stop King’s Royal Flush for the victory.