KUSHIDA greets crowds in Gardena CA! 【NJoA】

LEC powered meet and greet hits Tokyo Central supermarket

Sunday December 18 saw KUSHIDA, back in the States after his Super Junior Tag League campaign with Kevin Knight, head up a meet and greet and talk session with fans at the Tokyo Central supermarket in Gardena CA.
Thanks to the proud partnership with LEC, big crowds of NJPW and KUSHIDA fans gathered outside for a talk session with LEC company president Takaki Nagamori presiding. With KUSHIDA currently living in LA, the Timesplitter makes regular use of Tokyo Central supermarkets to stock up on Japanese ingredients and necessities- and there was plenty of talk about LEC’s super effective Gekiochi-kun cleaning products!
Meanwhile in response to fan questions about his 2023 plans, KUSHIDA stated that he plans to compete extensively in the US in the new year, both for NJPW in America, and in other promotions, too. 

As winners of a rock, paper, scissors tournament went home extra happy with signed T-shirts, it’s safe to say KUSHIDA received a warm welcome back to California!

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