CHAOS, Tanahashi victorious in last battle with Suzuki-Gun

YOH picks up fall over DOUKI

The main event on December 22’s Road to Tokyo Dome card saw a Suzuki-Gun force unite against a common foe for the final time, as Lance Archer, DOUKI and Minoru Suzuki took on Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi and YOH. 

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It would be old enemies Kazuchika Okada and Minoru Suzuki starting the bout, the King giving Okada the luxury of a clean break before taking the wrist, and a handful of hair in the process. With it clear that Suzuki’s decision to bring Suzuki-Gun to an end Friday night would not bring about a change in fighting attitude, Lance Archer and Hiroshi Tanahashi tagged in to resume their own feud. After being struck with a shoulder tackle, a rare change in the Ace’s character would see him back off from his sizable foe and tag out to YOH; DOUKI came in for Suzuki-Gun for an upshift in pace, but one that saw YOH dropped over the top rope throat first. 

That was the cue for Suzuki-Gun to do what they do best, taking ruthless and violent control on the floor. YOH would re-enter at a distinct disadvantage, and had to fight from underneath, enduring some painful punishment before dropkicking Archer’s knee from under him and bringing Okada back in at the ten minute mark. Okada would clean house until Archer proved too powerful, resisting a Money Clip attempt and crushing the Rainmaker with a lariat in the corner. 

Suzuki would tag in and exchange with the World Heavyweight number one contender before being spiked with the reverse neckbreaker drop. As Tanahashi came in, he would find short shrift from the King, another old rivalry being resumed in Korakuen Hall as the Ace was rocked with a forearm shiver, and then an impactful short range dropkick. Suzuki wanted the Gotch Style Piledriver to follow, and used a rare Dragon Screw when denied; flashing back to his 2018 Intercontinental Championship victory over Tanahashi, Suzuki went down to the Achilles of the Ace before YOH made the save.

DOUKI would clear YOH from the ring, and Suzuki reapplied the hold, Tanahashi howling in pain before finally reaching the ropes. A Slingblade would finally see a tag on both sides, and as YOH and DOUKI came in, the pace once again quickened. YOH had the edge, and primed DOUKI for Direct Drive, but Archer would barrel in for a save as the match broke down; with the heavyweights brawling on the floor, DOUKI scored big with Daybreak for two and set for Suplex De La Luna, but was countered and dropped with DNV and Direct Drive for three. 

Suzuki-Gun wrestle their last match on December 23, when an all Suzuki-Gun eight man tag will close NJPW for the year.