1-2-Sour taste in the mouth for Knight in IMPACT Tag League rematch 【NJoA】

Austin and Bey go 2-0 over Knight and KUSHIDA

This week’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV kicked off with a rematch from Super Jr. Tag League, KUSHIDA and Kevin Knight taking on BULLET CLUB’s Ace Austin and Chris Bey.

Knight and Bey started the match with the Jet getting finessed until a high springboard crossbody and offensive flurry created a tag to KUSHIDA. After quick tags for the mentor protégé duo, Knight was back in and building steam, but a second massive springboard would be met with an impactful mid air dropkick from Bey.

Separating Knight from his partner, the BULLET CLUB side put together the A-B-Cs of success, but an athletic escape from the Jet would finally see the young prospect make it to his corner. After some double team offence on Bey, Knight declared that it was time to fly, but his rocket boot dropkick was stopped by Austin, leading to a unique chicken fight center ring before Knight delivered a top rope Frankensteiner to Bey all the way from the mat. 

On a second try, it was indeed Time To Fly, as the dropkick scored to Bey off KUSHIDA’s shoulders. The match breaking down, Knight went to land a plancha on the intervening Austin, but was met with the Art of the Finesse in midair onto the apron. Out cold, Knight would be just a passenger as he tasted the stup for Austin’s Fold, and a spectacular BULLET CLUB victory.

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