Fantastic end to Fantasticamania 2023

Mistico closes out Fantasticamania in Korakuen Hall

The final match of the 2023 Fantasticamania series saw Mistico take on Atlantis Jr., icons of CMLL present and future doing battle before the sold out Korakuen Hall crowd. 

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Donning the black mask and a rudo esthetic for the final battle of the tour, Atlantis Jr. cut a stark contrast to the white and gold clad Mistico, but after some hesitation, accepted a handshake to start the bout. When first contact was made though, a high pace was set, athletic take downs being exchanged before an arm drag brought Atlantis to the floor and into the path of a pair of Mistico topes suicida.  A third would only meet Atlantis’ boot however, and the second generation estrella took control of the bout. 

A corner dropkick would compound the damage for Mistico, but the icon battled back with a head scissors and spectacular tornillo to the outside. Not to be outdone, Atlantis would respond with a tope con giro of his own, and caught Mistico coming back inside the ring with a vicious dropkick. Using his size effectively, Atlantis had answers to Mistico’s attempts to build offense, keeping his footing when the tecnico launched a tijeras attempt. Yet Atlantis’ ego would get the better of him, and when he taunted Mistico in ‘tuning up the band’, a tijeras was the result. 

The veteran would look to follow with a springboard swanton, but Atlantis evaded the attack, slamming Mistico and launching a splash off the top. Mistico kicked out barely at two, leading Atlantis to land a Michinoku Driver II and go upstairs for a second time; this time Mistico would raise his feet into the young prospect’s face. In keeping with an evenly matched bout though, a Mistico moonsault would meet the same fate, and any damage to the head of the icon was compounded with a brutal front suplex into the corner. 

The match seemed to be Atlantis’ for the taking after the corner move, but he would take too long in ascending the ropes to finish Mistico, paying for the delay with a Spanish Fly. Now firing up with the support of Korakuen, Mistico would springboard with a cross body and locked in La Mistica; Atlantis reached for the ropes but was rolled back to center and submitted. 

Post match, Atlantis and Mistico shared the same mutual respect that started the bout. Stars of NJPW and CMLL joined the ring for a final group photo and celebration of a more than welcome return to form for the annual lucha tradition in NJPW rings.