KUSHIDA delivers technical message to Alexander on IMPACT 【NJoA】

KUSHIDA victorious over Gresham ahead of Multiverse United

When Multiverse United sees NJPW and IMPACT hit the sold out Globe Theater in Los Angeles March 30, KUSHIDA has the chance to secure IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship gold when he faces Walking Weapon Josh Alexander. Ahead of that title match, he would put himself to the test against another technical master in the Octopus, Jonathan Gresham on this week’s IMPACT. 

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Gresham and KUSHIDA traded arm drags early before going nose to nose in a stand off. Neither man would gain a clear advantage in an ongoing test of strength and wills, a simple handshake turning into a lengthy struggle for control, but the Timesplitter would finally manage to grab a hold of the Octopus as he found a hammerlock.

As Gresham found the ropes though, earlier mutual respect was turned aside, and the match grew more physical. Gresham wanted KUSHIDA’s arm and came up with his own painful hammerlock on the former six time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, and in escaping, KUSHIDA would stomp on the hand of Gresham. A German suplex followed, but Gresham escaped the bridge of his foe and worked for a double wrist lock. 

KUSHIDA would transition into a short arm scissor and tried to bring Gresham’s arm into a cross arm breaker. Gresham would escape, and dropped a knee across the future IMPACT Challenger’s arm before trying for a series of cradle pins; now with both men’s left arms screaming, Gresham tried to escalate the pace, but was caught with a Hoverboard Lock for a quick tapout. 

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