On the use of masks at Japanese events

Thank you for supporting New Japan Pro-Wrestling. 

Starting May 1 2023 at Road to Wrestling Dontaku in Beppu B-Con Plaza, the use of masks in venues will be left to individual discretion. Staff and wrestlers’ mask usage will also be left to the individual. 

New Japan Pro-Wrestling would like to offer our sincerest gratitude for the patience, courtesy and understanding of all event attendees in complying with venue rules and guidelines in recent years.

It is thanks to the co-operation of fans, municipal governments and venues that NJPW events are now held with 100% capacity and full cheering. There will also be information soon about fans being able to have closer contact with wrestlers at meet and greets and events. 

Starting May 1, fans will be allowed to cheer and converse without masks at NJPW events, but circumstances may lead to venues requiring masks in future; fans will be informed of any changes via our homepage and social media.  

In order to allow as many fans as possible to fully relax and enjoy NJPW live events this month we do require masks be used at events up to and including Wrestling Satsuma no Kuni April 30 in Kumamoto. 

Thank you.