Zack bests competition on Honor Club to head to TV V12 【NJoA】

ZSJ moves to V11 with TV title

Action in Ring of Honor Wrestling in Nashville for Honor Club August 24 would see Zack Sabre Jr. tackle the challenge of Christopher Daniels for the NJPW World TV Championship.

After an exchange of holds to start the match, Daniels was able to ground the champion with a side headlock, but Sabre would transition to the arm. The challenger responded by going to the neck, and landed a pair of neckbreakers, staying on the champion until a hard snap of the shoulder brought the challenger crashing to the mat.

 Sabre was aggressive in pursuit of the left arm, but Daniels’ right was still functional, and a series of lariats helped to turn the tide. When Sabre absorbed a barrage of right handed forearms and landed a big kick to the left side of Daniels, things looked bleak for the challenger, but a Complete Shot led to a Koji Clutch that had the Briton in trouble.

As Sabre fought out of the hold, Daniels tried for Angels Wings, but with damage done to the arm, couldn’t lift the champion. A takedown and double armbar submission led to the win, as Sabre moved to V11. 

The next week on ROH, ZSJ faced the challenge of Metalik in a bid to move to 12 defences. In the opening match of the night on Honor Club, Sabre toyed with the luchador on the mat early, but the King of the Ropes fought back with a beautiful tijeras. Metalik’s flurry didn’t last long though, and the Briton targeted his masked challenger’s arm with brutal efficacy.

Metalik worked his way back into the match with a reverse slingblade, a dropkick and then a big tope con giro. As the combatants got back in, Metalik walked the ropes to hit a cross body, but ZSJ trapped the challenger with a Cobra Twist, taken down into a ground Cobra that had Metalik straining to make the ropes. 

Refusing to give up his chance of TV gold early, Metalik landed a swinging DDT and tried for the Metalik Driver, but was countered, leading to a series of flash pin counters. As the challenger came up with the advantage, Metalik walked the ropes for an elbow drop, but was caught into the same double armbar for the win. 

Zack Sabre Jr. is set to wrestle Boltin Oleg for the TV title on September 8 in Korakuen Hall.