Sabre earns second defence in two nights

ZSJ to V14 against Kojima

Just 24 hours after one impromptu defence of the NJPW World TV Championship against Ryohei Oiwa, Zack Sabre Jr went to the other end of the career spectrum as he faced the 30 plus year veteran Satoshi Kojima.
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Kojima had the Korakuen crowd behind him as he was able to land a hard tackle early and bring the champion crashing into the guardrail, but was caught getting back into the ring as Sabre snapped Kojima’s arm over the top rope. From here the champion torqued the right arm of the challenger, hoping to defuse the lariat of Kojima.

ZSJ followed with a PK down the apron, but Kojima responded with a lariat to the legs from the floor and a DDT on the ring frame. The work Sabre had done on the arm had done paid dividends for the champion to delay the Cozy Cutter, but the move wasn’t denied altogether, and when Sabre tried to bring Kojima down with a barrage of lariats, one from the challenger and a brainbuster scored two.

Sabre used a desperation Zack Driver to get some space at the ten minute mark but couldn’t follow up. Baiting Kojima into the stand up, Zack wanted a Cobra Twist but fell to a lariat for two, Kojima’s pained arm holding long enough for him to land the Cozy Crush Dynamite for another near fall. The crowd yelling for the challenger, Kojima wanted the lariat once more, but was countered into an armbar for the tapout.