Super Junior Tag League Update (night 5)

Desperado, Wato top the table

The Super Junior Tag League continued in Fukushima on October 28, the night ending with El Desperado and Master Wato clear at the top of the table with eight points.

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The main event would determine who led the block out of the night, with the six point teams of Drilla Moloney and Clark Connors and El Desperado and Master Wato facing off. Wato started with Moloney, who quickly took the match to the floor. Pressing the advantage on Wato, the BULLET CLUB War Dogs had full control until a hard mid kick finally brought Desperado in legal for the first time; the War Dogs took over on the masked man as well, and tore at Despe’s hood. The champions still dominant a Hi-Lo struck big on Wato but Desperado made the save.

Wato escaped Full Clip and the Drilla Killa, but Moloney still had the upper hand as the Fukushima crowd got behind El DespeWato. Desperado and Connors tagged in and traded bombs before a spine and brainbuster got just one from the referee. A snap powerslam scored for 100 Proof, who worked for No Chaser but was reversed into Numero Dos only for Moloney to pull the referee away and clobber Desperado with a chair. Now ripping Desperado’s mask clean off, the War Dogs delivered a brutal shot to the Strong Style member, but a last minute kick out kept the match alive.

Master Wato would dive in to assist his partner, laying out Moloney with a tope con giro. A hard Loco Mono fist to the jaw of Connors and Pinche Loco on the junior tag title belt saw three after a phenomenal main event. Desperado closed with words of gratitude for his opponents- and for Wato, finally shaking hands with his partner as they topped the table. 

After a  run of three losses, Titan and BUSHI needed to get back on the win column against KUSHIDA and Kevin Knight. Still things looked tough for the masked men early until Titan was able to separate KUSHIDA. The veteran TimeSplitter would send his opposition crashing into one another, bringing in Knight, who landed a Sky High on Titan and wanted his Spike DDT, but was cut off by LIJ. In danger, the Jet still escaped Angel Inmortal, and brought KUSHIDA back inside as the match heated up.

Knight headed to the Upper Room with a Frankensteiner and then high cross on BUSHI; KUSHIDA wanted the Hoverboard Lock, but BUSHI was able to counter as Titan re-entered. In an instant, Angel Inmortal struck and LIJ moved up to four points. 

Ichiban Sweet Boys, Kosei Fujita and Robbie Eagles were looking to put a stop to a three match win streak for SHO and Yoshinobu Kanemaru on the night, but fell victim to a fast start by the Heel Master and Murder machine. The fight would spill into the crowd as the shame of Ehime SHO assaulted the city’s favourite son Fujita, and the mugging continued until an escape to Eagles saw the Snier of the Skies explode with a tope con suicida. Eagles pursued a Ron Miller Special on SHO, bringing out H.O.T desperation and a downed referee; the despicable cavalry of Yujiro Togo and EVIL soon entered. The numbers game appeared too much, but after a tope con giro from Fujita and a missed mist in the face of SHO, Eagles picked up the win with a cradle. 

Musashi Komatsu, YOH and MUSASHI, faces the winless DOUKI and TAKA Michinoku in Fukushima. The two high school friends YOH and MUSASHI had the early upper hand before a DOUKI tope suicida changed the tone of the match. YOH brought the energy after a much needed hot tag from MUSASHI, but DOUKI would respond with Doton No Jutsu on a barrage of strikes to the Michinoku Pro star, before the infamous DOUKI Chokey struck. The match breaking down at the ten minute mark, MUSASHI nearly pinned DOUKI with a Michinoku Driver II; TAKA responded with one of his own to YOH, leaving MUSASHI alone to eat a superkick into Suplex De La Luna for the win. 

The first league match of the night saw the Funky Fire side of DKC and Ryusuke Taguchi face Catch 2/2, TJP and Francesco Akira. As TJP’s neck continued to trouble him, Taguchi and DKC took control of the Public Enemy until a tornado DDT brought Akira in. As the match broke down with TJP and Taguchi legal, an exchange of holds center ring nearly created submissions, before Funky Fire got a near two from their versions of the Leaning Tower and 2×2, but the real 2×2 would be what scored the three count. 

The league continues Monday October 30 in Niigata. DKC and Taguchi face Kanemaru and SHO, TAKA and DOUKI meet BULLET CLUB War Dogs, Musashi Komatsu face Ichiban Sweet Boys, Catch 2/2 take on Titan and BUSHI and El DespeWato face Intergalactic Jet Setters in the main event.