Volador beats Romero in fantastic Fantasticamania main

Volador Jr bests Rocky Romero at Fantasticamania

The main event on February 18’s penultimate Fantasticamania card saw the continuation of Rocky Romero and Volador Jr.’s long standing rivalry as the two went one on one before a sellout Korakuen crowd.

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After a feeling out process from both men saw a standoff, the King of Sneaky Style would take control of Volador when he misdirected his foe in the ropes, and landed a tope suicida. While Volador would soon respond in kind, a German suplex from Romero saw him push the advantage, and with a Fujiwara armbar punishing the Skywalker, Romero established the pace in the matchup.

For the bulk of the time to come, Rocky would push the pace while Volador looked to score big from underneath. A backstabber and tope con giro did just that for Volador, but Romero soon responded with one of his own. A double stomp off the apron followed, and then Sliced Rocky onto the ring frame before another center ring. Each time Romero escalated his offense, Volador kicked out, and though a super Sliced Rocky was so close to three, a Spanish Fly and springboard splash saw Volador just as near.

Romero’s calculated disposition almost was completely replaced by outright rage when Volador kicked out of a Dudebuster, but Rocky would follow up by going back to the arm. When he worked for the Diablo Armbar, Volador twice, barely found counters, once with a powerbomb and a second time, after a huge top rope takedown, into a modified Styles Clash. Still delivering big shots from underneath, Volador found the biggest when he surprised Romero with a Canadian Destroyer from nowhere and picked up the three, celebrating post match with his young son and heir to the Volador legacy.