Fantastic Finish sees Dorada leave Japan Victorious

Stuka put away in last Fantasticamania main event

The final main event of the Fantasticamania tour on February 19 saw Mascara Dorada taking on Stuka Jr in singles action, Dorada looking to continue an impressive streak in singles action as Stuka was working for his first one on one win since November 2022.

Watch the replay!

It was a high paced open to the contest that saw Dorada get an early superkick on Stuka before an attempt at a dive, but it would be Young Lions eating the contact as Stuka evaded. Using his heavyweight power to full advantage, Stuka rocked Dorada into the ringpost on the outside and flung his foe toward the Korakuen lights, but exposing the turnbuckle proved to be a mistake.

Dorada would send Stuka into the steel and then followed up with a stunning tope from the stage area to his opponent on the floor. Inside, a 450 Splash followed for two; Dorada went up once more for what could have been Estrella Fugaz, but Stuka saw it coming and brutally targeted the neck. A superplex was followed by a brainbuster, and after ripping the mask of Dorada, the veteran slammed the younger Dorada on the floor, but when he removed the ringside mats for more damage, Stuka was countered with a back breaker.

Recovering inside, Dorada regained his world class body control to land a tijeras in mid air before a superkick set Stuka up to receive a sensational corkscrew quebrada. Again though, as Dorada felt confident, Stuka avoided a second dive and instead drove Dorada through the timekeeper’s table.

A torpedo splash off the top to the floor and a second in ring saw Stuka heart stoppingly close to victory, but Dorada kicked out. With his best weapons now used, Stuka looked to send Dorada back to the exposed post but was again foiled by Dorada who landed a brutal driver on Stuka before heading up and securing victory with Estrella Fugaz.

Dorada ended his first Fantasticamania thanking the fans and showing his excitement for the next, with 2025’s version already confirmed.