Huge matches made for Strong Style Evolved! White v Page for US Title! Mysterio v Liger! Golden Lovers v Young Bucks!! [la325]



Huge matches made for Strong Style Evolved! White v Page for US Title! Mysterio v Liger! Golden Lovers v Young Bucks!! [la325]

On March 25, New Japan returns to California, Long Beach for Strong Style Evolved, and three huge matches have been signed for Walter Pyramid‼︎

All tickets for Strong Style Evolved are sold out. Catch the action LIVE on AXS TV (US only) and NJPW World (LIVE outside the US, on demand in the US)! 

First, the tag match that has already just about broken the Internet. The Young Bucks and the Golden☆Lovers will meet in a dream match to determine just who is the best tag team on the planet. 

After reuniting on January 28, the Golden☆Lovers had little chance to prepare for emotional battles in Korakuen at Honor Rising. Still, the chemistry alone between Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega was palpable and powerful as they seemed to communicate almost telepathically for double teams. Then on February 24, the team managed to connect with their new Golden☆Trigger finish to put away Marty Scurll. 

The troubles within the Bullet Club, especially as Cody leads a coup of the stable, are far from over. As tensions were high after the main event on the 24th, Kenny declared himself and Ibushi to be the ‘best tag team in the world!’ Which drew the ire of Matt and Nick Jackson. 

The Young Bucks disputed Kenny’s claim, declaring themselves to be the world’s best tag team, and that from now on, they were to compete as heavyweights. That made a long held dream bout finally possible. While Kenny will undoubtedly be conflicted about competing against his Elite brethren, his bond with Ibushi drives him; as does his desire to win match of the year awards with Ibushi once more. It seems all the stars in the sky may not do this justice when these four lock up in LA. 

One shouldn’t forget that the man who seems to have toppled the Bullet Club house of cards was none other than Switchblade Jay White. As the drama and mayhem erupted in ring after the main event January 28 in Sapporo, White was walking out with his freshly won IWGP US Championship. Now his first challenger will be Hangman Page. 

In a tag encounter on February 24, Page scored a direct pin on the champion with the Rite of Passage. This was followed by a second on a steel chair to make a definitive statement. 

The match looks to be a violent one with no love lost between Page and White. Will it be the chaotic violence of the Hangman? Or the cold steel of the Switchblade? 

Then, another dream match between two junior heavyweight living legends, as Jushin Thunder Liger faces Rey Mysterio. 

It was February 10 in Osaka where former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio appeared in video form, announcing his New Japan debut in LA. He had one choice of opponents and that was Liger. 

The two have faced off just once in singles competition, back in December 1996 for WCW. Then, it was Liger who emerged victorious. In the 22 intervening years though, both men’s legends continued to grow, with Liger and Mysterio both even proving themselves as juniors capable of competing with the heavyweights. 

This match, and the entire Strong Style Evolved card looks like an instant classic. This is one you won’t want to miss on NJPW World and AXS TV!