Best of the Super Juniors is here! Hiroshi Tanahashi gives his picks and chooses the biggest matches!



Best of the Super Juniors is here! Hiroshi Tanahashi gives his picks and chooses the biggest matches!

Best of the Super Juniors is here! Hiroshi Tanahashi gives his picks and chooses the biggest matches!

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Tanahashi’s pick: HIROMU TAKAHASHI

I think a lot of people are expecting a KUSHIDA and Will Ospreay Final. But the BOSJ is like the G1 Climax for junior heavyweights, right? I think in that environment, the probability of that final happening is pretty low. With that said, I think Taiji Ishimori and Hiromu would be a good final. Without taking the group matches into account, that just looks like a cool match the fans will love. But then that makes for some crazy results in the block matches, it’s hard to see what would lead to that final.

It’s hard to call. Impossible. Whoever makes it to the end it’ll be good; I think this is the best lineup in years. Of all the entrants though, my pick is Hiromu. Back at Fukuoka (for Dontaku) I had all that encouragement, but still he showed more power and energy than me. He pulls the fans in, he’s even great on social media. When it comes to getting motivated for his matches and really making the fans happy, Hiromu is the best. There might be people that rival him on pure ability, but he has that charismatic X factor that will make him win I think.

★A-Block match to watch

Will Ospreay vs ACH (May 20, Shizuoka)

Ospreay has definitely proven himself against technicians, but I’m interested in seeing how he deals with a more powerful opponent. Seeing two Japanese guys, or a foreigner against a Japanese guy is one thing, but when you have two foreigners in there in New Japan you see an extra competitive edge, an extra killer instinct. That will to survive will make this one to watch.

★B-Block matches to watch

SHO vs Hiromu Takahashi (June 2, Gunma)

Both of these guys are very popular, both have a great look and they’re both young. I want them to show me the future of NJPW here. Thing is, although I’m excited for this, it could be really one sided in the end. The reason for that is when it comes to big offense, big crescendos, that’s where Hiromu is great. That’s not to say SHO doesn’t have big offense, just that there is a difference in abilities in that area I think. Then again, like I said, it’s a real chance to see the future of this company. Lots of ways to look at it.

El Desperado vs Hiromu Takahashi (May 22, Korakuen)

With these guys, if they’re like I know they are, there’s a dangerous air to this match. They’re both very aware of one another, big rivals, and it could turn out amazing, or awful. A real feast or famine match.


Ryusuke Taguchi vs Marty Scurll (June 2, Gunma)

This is just right up my street. Both of these guys are very cunning. Marty.. he’s very versatile. He can have really serious matches or he can play around. There’s a potential here for a humour versus humour kind of match that could really become a viral thing and break out of the wrestling circle.