A View From Ringside – Best of the Super Junior 25 preview by Kevin Kelly



A View From Ringside – Best of the Super Junior 25 preview by Kevin Kelly

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The brackets are balanced perfectly. From former winners to wrestlers wearing masks to faction teammates to combatants from the UK, the Best of Super Junior 25 brackets are perfect. Picking the winner, however, is far from a perfect feat. But making everything perfect will be how the Block competition wraps up on June 3. Check out for all the tournament matchups. The finals this year in Korakuen Hall for the first time in five years will be an electric atmosphere for sure.

The biggest newsmaker for this year’s BOSJ was the reveal of Taiji Ishimori at Wrestling Dontaku in Fukuoka on May 4. Representing Bullet Club, Ishimori starts his journey on Night 1 in the A Block on May 18 versus former BOSJ champ, last year’s finalist and current IWGP Junior Heavyweight champ Will Ospreay. Last year, Ospreay faced another debuting Bullet Club member on Night 1 in Marty Scurll but that seems so “2017” for Ospreay, who is the number one ranked Junior in the World.

Speaking of Scurll, the Villain faces Hiromu Takahashi on Night 2 of the tournament on May 19, as B Block gets underway. Both figure to be in the mix in the end. With Ishimori in A Block and Scurll in B Block, it’s not crazy to foresee an all-Bullet Club final. Or an all-Suzuki Gun final or an all-LIJ final or YO vs SHO???…Like I said, the brackets are perfectly organized and anything can happen.  

Another intriguing match on Night 2 features KUSHIDA versus the debuting Chris Sabin. KUSHIDA and Sabin know each other well and this is a great matchup for both and Sabin’s MCMG tag partner, Alex Shelley was a 2013 BOSJ finalist. B Block has many question marks in the layers of the tournament like which Taguchi will we see? Serious, awesome wrestler Taguchi or fun-loving, hip-attacking “Coach” Taguchi? How will Dragon Lee and Hiromu survive another one-on-one encounter?

A Block has debuting Flip Gordon versus last year’s tournament rookie ACH on Night 1. Flip and ACH have much in common and I like both men personally. This will be a “can’t miss” encounter. BUSHI has been floating just long enough to fool everyone and go the distance in A Block.

My “surprise” pick isn’t a surprise at all. I think El Desperado is going to have a deep run, as he is vastly improved from just one year ago. I don’t expect Tiger Mask to be in the mix at the end but can he outscore Jushin Liger, who only got two points last year?

The schedule of BOSJ events covered by New Japan World is up on the site and we will be live with English commentary for the Block finals on June 3 and to crown a Best of Super Junior tournament winner on June 4.

The biggest Summer ever on gets rolling on May 18 and will roll through the G1 Climax Finals in mid-August! I’ll see you from ringside!

Yours in Sport,

Kevin Kelly