Road to THE NEW BEGINNING – Full Schedule Released



Road to THE NEW BEGINNING – Full Schedule Released

The full card for the Road to THE NEW BEGINNING Tour has been released. The tour features some exciting matches, including two elimination matches on Night 2 and Night 8 and a rematch for the NEVER 6-man Openweight Championship on Night 4.

A special singles match between Hiroshi Tanahashi and KUSHIDA will feature on Night 3. Following the news yesterday that KUSHIDA would be retiring from NJPW at the end of the month, this is sure to be a truly special match for NJPW fans around the world.


Take a look at the full schedule below for more details about each night’s card:


Night 1 – Saitama (Wing Hat Kasukabe)

Night 2 – Tokyo (Korakuen Hall)

Night 3 – Tokyo (Korakuen Hall)

Night 4– Miyagi (Sendai Sun Plaza)

Night 7 – Nagano (Nagano Athletic Park Stadium)

Night 8 – Aichi (Nagoya Congress Center Event Hall)

Night 9– Mie (Yokkaichi City Green Park Gymnasium #2)

Night 10 – Osaka (Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium #2 – EDION Arena Osaka)


Key matches are available to watch on NJPW World! Keep checking for the broadcasting schedule.

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