Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tiger Hattori greet New York fans at DAISO!

Tanahashi and Hattori met fans at DAISO’s new Scarsdale store September 26.

DAISO’s newest store opened recently in Scarsdale New York, and Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tiger Hattori were on hand to meet fans and customers at the new branch on September 26 before the Fighting Spirit Unleashed tour got underway. 

Yoshiaki Takahashi of Japanese New York business site NY Biz was on hand to host the event. 

Tanahashi was first to speak to a crowd of wrestling fans and general customers. He gave his thoughts on America, his matches in Madison Square Garden in April, wrestling in the Hammerstein Ballroom, and reflected on his 20 year career, and Tiger Hattori’s impending retirement.

Hattori spread many a smile as he spoke to his home New York public, talking about some of they key matches, moments and figures in his long career. Takahashi asked Hattori about Tanahashi, and things started to get even more interesting as Hattori began an inside story that nobody had heard before… but Tanahashi cut Hattori off before the juicy details could be revealed. Maybe next time!

DAISO’s Scarsdale store is now open at 925 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583-3211, in the Midway Shopping Center!