Meet & Greet session set for King of Pro Wrestling!

Information about merchandise & autograph sessions for KOPW!

Meet Super Jr. TAG LEAGUE entrants SHO, YOH & Ryusuke Taguchi, Suzuki-gun’s Minoru Suzuki & Taichi, Pieter from BULLET CLUB as well as Hiroshi Tanahashi who celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut yesterday. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to wish them luck and get their autograph!

We will be opening the merchandise shop early, so those who didn’t manage to get a ticket to King of Pro-Wrestling will still be able to get all the new releases and exclusive items. Please feel free to drop by if you have a ticket as well!


Monday, October 14 – Bell time 17:00 in Ryogoku Sumo Hall, Tokyo

★ Click here for ticket information!

★ Click here for card information!

* “Sunakaburi”, “2F Special Seats” and “2F Reserved Seats” are sold out.

* “Arena A” has only a few tickets left.


★ Merchandise area schedule

* 12: 30 ~ 12: 55: Early Access – Fan club pre-entry (also available for fan club members who do not have an admission ticket)

* 13:00 Early Access – General admission (also available for those who do not have an admission ticket)

* 14:30 Early Access ends

* 15: 00 ~ 15: 25 Fan Club Pre-entry (* Admission ticket is required)

* 15:30 General admission (* Admission ticket is required)

* Team NJPW pre-entry is for members only.

A membership card and personal ID are required for pre-entry.

Non-members are not allowed to enter even accompanied by a member.


★ Autograph session schedule

13:45 SHO & YOH (also available for those who do not have an admission ticket)

14:00 Ryusuke Taguchi (also available for those who do not have an admission ticket)

15:30 Hiroshi Tanahashi (* Admission ticket required)

15:30 Taichi (* Admission ticket is required)

16:15 Minoru Suzuki (* Admission ticket is required)

16:30 Pieter (* Admission ticket is required)


★ Please check on the day to see what items are available for purchase in order to gain admission.


・ The above schedule is subject to change without notice.

・ Participants may change without notice due to injury or other reasons.

<About the goods store>

・ Items purchased at the venue cannot be returned or exchanged except for defects.

・ T-shirt size samples are available, please check them if you are unsure about sizing.

<About the Autograph sessions>

・ Autographs are free with the purchase of goods of the person in question.

・ Only purchases made at the venue are eligible for receiving an autograph.

(All autographs will be on the item in question, no personal items are permitted)

・ No names, dates, personal messages or photographs are permitted.

・ Participants will receive a ticket to the autograph session with the purchase of that person’s item. (see below)

・ Please note that there is a maximum number of participants.

・ NJPW reserves the right to cancel the events due to unforeseen circumstances

・ Please contact a member of staff if you are unsure about where to line-up or what items are valid. Only those waiting in the official line will be permitted entry.

<Autograph session entrance ticket>

・ In order to make sure as many fans as possible are able to participate in the autograph sessions, entrance tickets are numbered and limited to one per purchase.

・ Only one person per ticket will be allowed. Bring the purchased item and the entrance ticket and join the official line. Present both your entrance ticket and purchased item to the member of staff present.

・ Those without a ticket and purchase are not permitted to participate. However, there are exceptions for preschoolers and those who require special assistance.

・ Participation tickets cannot be reissued. Please be careful not to lose it.

・ The number of entrance tickets is limited. Distribution will be terminated when the capacity is reached.