Join the action on October 14 in Sumo Hall!



Join the action on October 14 in Sumo Hall!

The KING OF PRO-WRESTLING hits Sumo Hall on October 14 at 5PM!

You’ll see an exciting battle of Kazuchika Okada against SANADA for IWGP Heavyweight championship match!

Event day tickets will be available at 12PM, with limited Arena A and Arena B remaining. 

SHO&YOH, Ryusuke Taguchi, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Taichi, Minoru Suzuki and PIETER will be signing autographs before the event!



Monday, October 14 2019

Doors 3:30PM Start 5:00PM


Event day tickets on sale: 12PM

Arena A and Arena B seats remaining.


Signing sessions:

1:45PM SHO & YOH

2:00PM Ryusuke Taguchi

*You can join the above sessions without an event ticket.

3:30PM Hiroshi Tanahashi 

3:30PM Taichi

4:15PM Minoru Suzuki


*You need an event ticket for being part of the autograph session from 3:30PM.


Be aware, there will be no intermission on this event.

Entry permissible to fans who purchase the relevant wrestler’s goods at the event merchandise booth.

Be aware that goods removed from their packaging may not be exchanged post purchase unless defective. Please check shirt sizes etc. before purchasing.

  • Fans who purchase participating wrestler merchandise at the event booth may enter the signing sessions.
  • Only purchased merchandise can be signed. No personal items please.
  • Only signatures will be provided. Signatures will not be personalised, or marked with dates. No photos will be taken.
  • Fans who wish to participate in the signing session will receive a numbered ticket on purchase of the participating wrestler’s merchandise. 
  • In the case of merchandise that cannot be signed, a ‘coloured paper ticket’ will be distributed. A non-resalable coloured sheet of paper will be signed instead.
  • Time and merchandise supplies are limited. Lineup of participating wrestlers may change due to reasons beyond our control.
  • Signing sessions may be canceled before the event.
  • Pay attention to announcements at the venue and information at merchandise booths at the venue on the day of the event.
  • One signing session ticket per item of merchandise. Multiple purchases will receive a number of tickets equal to the number of items purchased.
  •  However, in order for signing sessions to proceed smoothly, a maxuimum of three tickets per wrestler will be distributed. Even if a customer purchases more than three items of a wrestler’s merchandise, only three tickets will be given to them.
  • In the event of heavy congestion, tickets may be restricted to one per customer. This is so that the highest number of fans possible can get their items signed. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Please bring BOTH your numbered ticket and purchased merchandise with you to the signing session. A staff member will collect your ticket from you. Both the item and ticket are required to take part in the signing session.
  • Only those eligible to participate in the signing session may line up. So that lines can proceed as smoothly as possible, anybody without a numbered ticket or merchandise may not stand in line. However, children/infants may accompany their parents or guardians in line.
  • We are not able to reissue tickets under any circumstances. Make sure you don’t lose your tickets.
  • Tickets are limited, and may not be distributed after allocations are met. We appreciate your understanding.