Fantasticamania lineup revealed as CMLL’s best return in 2020!

List of favourites, legends and new names revealed as Fantasticamania returns to kick off 2020.

During Wednesday night’s Road to Power Struggle event, the list of names was revealed for the annual NJPW/CMLL Fantasticamania tour. This will be the tenth time Mexico’s finest wrestlers compete in New Japan for one of the most novel and fun series of events on the calendar!

This year’s entrants are:

King of Silver and Gold, Caristico!

La Leyenda Viviente, Negro Casas!

Popular sibling tag team Los Hermanos Chavez, together!

Angel De oro! Niebla Roja!

The new Birdman, Flyer!

Universal Trickster, Titan!

Sky Prince, Soberano Junior!

The new star of CMLL, Audaz!

The Human Bomb, Stuka Junior!

Ancient Warrior, Guerrero Maya Junior!

Fire Dancer, Fuego!

The Fearsome Kingpin, Ultimo Guerrero!

The Mexican Tank, Euforia!

The awesome trio that is La Nueva Generacion Dynamita will be in Japan once again!

Sanson! El Cuatrero! Forestero!

Unpredictable Caveman, Babaro Cavernario!

The terrifying Japanese Rudo, OKUMURA!

PLUS! Three newcomers to Fantasticamania in 2020!

The Assassin of Los Hijos del Infierno, Luciferno!

Burning Fang, Tiger!

The first lady of CMLL, everyone’s sweetheart, Dulce Gardenia!

Stay tuned for more information on Fantasticamania 2020 as it becomes available!